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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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Just now, TGP said:

So how do you up a pledge in the pledge manager but avoid giving up a wave 1 spot?


You can adjust the amount you are pledging without changing your wave

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Just now, Sirithiliel said:


You can adjust the amount you are pledging without changing your wave

 Yeah, just find the "Manage Pledge" button and change the dollar amount without changing anything else. I've done it a few times now. 

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The Pledge Manager and Kickstarter page are not connected in any way.  Reaper runs the Pledge Manager, and Kickstarters operates the Kickstarter page.


you use the Pledge Manager to compute your total, then you have to go and manually enter that total on the Kickstarter page.  Using, as has been said, the Manage Pledge button located on the upper right of the Kickstarter page.


Altering your pledge this way does not change your Wave number.




And in other news, less than $8000 to DING!



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13 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

Not kickstarter related but this was on KS:


Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho 11 minutes ago

Hey Reaper. Does Ed know Lauck moulds are up for grabs


Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator 8 minutes ago

@Anonymous- we are aware of the situation


Wow, does this mean we may see a return of Julie Guthries personalities? That would be freaking awesome!

Yes, Yes, it would!!


12 hours ago, Crowley said:

If only the storage/display space was equally as endless... 



4 hours ago, Maglok said:

Oh man this is nice stuff to awaken to.

Yes, it is. I'm gonna be in withdrawal tomorrow morning...



Fan favorite expansion---brilliant idea!

(And not just 'cause we finally got some cavalry in it, although that's mighty nice)

Now, for the last thing I'd like to see, the thing that would just pour awesomesauce all over this already awesome project, the thing that I'd start selling body parts to finance:




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Numbers Based on 0800-0900 Reaper time today:
Total Gain Today: $100,155
Total Gain 24 Hours: $368,832
Current Goal: $2,630,000
Total to Next Goal: $5,044
New Backers This Hour: 61
Gain in last Hour: $16,092
Current Average Pledge: $173.50
Average Hourly Backers Today: 47.3
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 46.7
Average Hourly Pledges Today: $12,709
Average Hourly Pledges 12 Hours: $14,039
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $14,753
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 0.3
Hours to next goal based on 12h Avg. 0.4
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 0.3
Current Total Pledges: $2,624,956
Current Total Backers: 15,129
Previous Hour Total Pledges: $2,608,863
Previous Hour Total Backers: 15,068
To beat Bones 1 Total: $804,279
To beat Bones 2 Total: $544,654
To beat Bones 3 Total: $105,309
To beat Bones 1 Backers: 2,615
To beat Bones 2 Backers: -165
To beat Bones 3 Backers: -1,664
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West Coast finally woke up and pledged.


Ding, $2,630,000 achieved!


What are we getting?




Now we need a seafaring Sophie!

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Wow! Love the barge! Could have used that for my Egyptian campaign. Gorgeous! And um...part 2???

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2 minutes ago, Nunae said:

Well, at least the bf agrees with me that we NEED this ship.




I agree with you that you need that ship!  And I need one too! :lol:

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1 minute ago, John Fiala said:

Man, that's a pretty sweet looking model, but I don't see a need for it.  That said, I'm considering doubling up on the ghost pirates.



Well, you Ghost Pirates are going to need something to cruise around in, aren't they?! ::D:

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6 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Well, it's not a pirate ship, but it's still pretty darn cool!!



Well let's see what part 2 is!   There may be a pirate ship still waiting to be revealed. 


I don't think I'll get the ship but at this point it's almost a good thing when I see something I'm not crazy about. 

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