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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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3 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Well let's see what part 2 is!   There may be a pirate ship still waiting to be revealed. 


I don't think I'll get the ship but at this point it's almost a good thing when I see something I'm not crazy about. 

I know, right?:lol:


3 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

Well, FML... 


Looks like a life of crime for me folks. The only way to fund this! :lol:

Don't forget, I already called dibs on selling body parts!

(What you all thought I was gonna sell my own?:lol::devil:)

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39 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:


Now, for the last thing I'd like to see, the thing that would just pour awesomesauce all over this already awesome project, the thing that I'd start selling body parts to finance:





I've been wondering when they'd make the transition to Bones. They are larger models and would seem the perfect candidates. 


The boat is cool but not on my must-have list. 

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