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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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Numbers Based on 700-800 Reaper time today:

Total Gain Today -$43,740

Total Gain 24 Hours - $621,858

Total to Next Goal -$44,142

New Backers This Hour -59

Gain in last Hour -$6,637

Current Average Pledge -$103.78

Average Hourly Backers Today -59.0

Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours-299.6

Average Hourly Pledges Today -$6,637

Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours-$31,093

Hours to next goal based on gains this hour -6.7

Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg -1.4

Current Total Pledges - $621,858

Current Total Backers - 5992

Previous Hour Total Pledges - $615,221

Previous Hour Total Backers - 5933



Thank you to @OneBoot and @Pochi and everyone that helped with hourly stats. I was able to fill in all the data.


I could use some people that I can trust with my email address to help enter the hourly numbers into the spreadsheet, but with the collaborative effort here, it looks like I have help as it is. Thanks!

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18 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Core Set list.  I swear #13 was a limited edition convention figure or something


1  Ava Justina, Female Templar
2  Nemesra, Dancing GIrl 
3  Jahenna, Female Vampire
4  Half Ogre Fighter
5  Conwyn, Male Barbarian (update?)
6  Owlbear? (new)
7  Gauth
8  Merrowyn Lightstar
9  Aravir, Elf Ranger (concept art in Bones 1)
10  Blink Berenwicket, Female Gnome
11  New
12  new (ratman)
13  2015 ReaperCon  Hall of Fame Dinner miniature
14  New
15  New
16  New
17  Pig (new)
18  Pumpkin cart (new)
19  Willow Greenivy
20  New


Updated Core list.. thanks @pcktlnt Nemesra doesn't show up with a 'dancer' search

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17 hours ago, Gargs said:


Well, technically it depends on how much they need to make to actually make the project profitable (which is likely well above $30k). Only Reaper knows what that figure is, but regardless, I agree that it might not have quite the initial pace as the last KS, but it still seems like a decent initial push. The next day or two ought to give a decent barometer of where they are at.


16 hours ago, moose_shepard said:


I agree that it's still going to be a successful Kickstarter, though maybe not as much as the previous ones. However, that $30,000 funding target doesn't really mean much. I'm sure Reaper's expecting this to get into the millions like the previous Kickstarters and if it didn't clear the $30,000 in the first few minutes, they would have had to seriously examine what had gone wrong.



Reaper is run, in part, by a couple of accountants. I would actually be very surprised if they didn't have a viable delivery plan in place for the initial $30,000 target.


It might not have been profitable, but I'll bet it would have gotten the molds made, and the minis shipped.

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Just because it is going around on the kickstarter page - not sure if this helps anyone, anything you would like to see, just see if it exists in the list, if not add it, add your name, followed by a comma,


The count list will update the count ONLY when you add a comma :)



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So far I'm 5/6 on the add-ons unlocked/announced (I don't see myself needing polyhedral dudes, even as modron stand-ins, though they're neat). This is gonna get pricey. Thank goodness for the Pledge Manager.

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