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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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3 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

I think at this point Reaper probably has a pretty good handle on how much they're likely to get through the pledge manager.  What they choose to do with that knowledge and how much it was already factored into the campaign will be for them to know and us to speculate about.  :;):


Seriously, though, it was much more successful in terms of backer numbers than I expected.  That can only be good, because it expands Reaper's customer base.  ^_^ 


They got both more backers and more money than I thought they would.  I think this might be the second highest backer total after the first Bones Kickstarter?  And I wasn't sure the Kickstarter would reach $3 million, but it did, handily.



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2 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


From comments around here (not representative of the project as a whole, but perhaps more representative of the bigger backers), I suspect that more people are planning to add significant amounts of money during the pledge manager period than in previous projects.


I'm trending toward getting it as well. I'd probably buy it at retail if I didn't get it now (I've looked at the old boat more than once), and I strongly suspect it will be more than $30 then.


The number of $1 backers who only pledged the $1 plus data from Bones 3 should give a pretty decent estimate.  Comments are not really a great source of numeric data.

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1 minute ago, LittleBluberry said:


The number of $1 backers who only pledged the $1 plus data from Bones 3 should give a pretty decent estimate.  Comments are not really a great source of numeric data.


Should be a decent indicator, anyway, particularly if there are many relative to the number in previous projects.


I know that in previous projects I pledged for what I expected to get during the project. This time I'm around half of what I expect to end at. I've heard similar things from enough people here that I don't think I'm a wild outlier. But you're right that comments are unreliable at best.

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37 minutes ago, trappleton said:

Is there a precedent for adding goodies in the pledge manager after the fact? Especially big ones, like our mystery capstone?


Goodies, yes, but not necessarily really big ones.  There were a number of sets added to the Bones III Kickstarter pledge manager shortly after the KS ended, things like town terrain accessories and chibi monsters and the fire giant king and queen and the clear Kyphrixis.

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Sad to see no crazy big capstone got unlocked. 


Wondering what scale the effrit and djinn will be. They look like they should be bigger than humanoids. Hoping they are the same scale as the giants and I will pick them up at retail. 

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I am in for:


So I am in for:

Lost valley expansion
Darkreach expansion
Dreadmere expansion
Fire Giant Hunter
Blacksting wyvern
Dance of Death
Zombie dragon
Skeletal dragon
Skeletal monsters 
Paint set A and B
Blacktooth terror x2
Thunderfoot behemoth x2
Fantasy scenics
Frost raider giantesses
Argent silver dragon 

Extra villager set

extra monster set


i doubt we will get much more, though I might spend the extra I have on extra dire animals 

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I wonder how much future retail level information there is for Reaper in providing the duplicate portions in the core set?

I would think it would show that one set of models is more/less popular than others?

Perhaps not.

I wish the expansion sets had the same feature.  I loved a small handful from each one, but for me there wasn't $50 worth of value in any one of them to justify the pledge.  Even if they were broken into $10-$20 chunks I could have seen myself pledging a lot more.  I tend to worry less about cost when I'm getting (close to exactly) what I want.


I can't be the only person?


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Oh yeah, I never gave my list.


I'm in for:


Both Paint Sets

All Giant Add-ons

Rocky the Red

3x Blacktooth (1 for me and 1 for each kiddo)

3x Thunderfoot (1 for me and 1 for each kiddo)


Lost Valley

Fan Favorites

Dragon Turtle

Rulers of Hell

Skeletal Monsters

Zombie Dragon


+$50 more potential.


I know a lot of people were somewhat disappointed by how this ended, but as a first-time Bones backer, I got more than my money's worth.  Before the whole thing launched I assumed I would spend about $200.  I ended up pledging $250 and I'm budgeting to add another $200-250 by July.  I wouldn't have been able to afford much more awesomeness anyway.


This KS is going to give me:

My first dragon ever (Gauth)

My first properly scaled dinos (I have a few old Ral Partha ones, but they are comically inaccurate on the small side.  They're like baby dinos.)

MOAR Giants! (Yay cool females too!)

Baby dwagons! :wub:

Dipping a toe in terrain (love that portal @TaleSpinner!)

Classic monsters I didn't have, like vampires, kobolds and cave baddies

Fun dire stuff

And way more...


That's a huge haul, and speaking only for myself, was very fun and successful.

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I'm sure there are a LOT of folks who only wanted 1-3 items out of any given expansion, but it doesn't make economical sense for Reaper to offer and package the individual items at this point.  We're getting discounts in part for buying the bulk package, not the single serving sizes. 



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2 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

That was quite something, though a bit anti-climactic. I had campaigned for 9 months to get some flumphs, and my disappointment at not seeing them is tempered by the knowledge that there are still many surprises that will be added to the Pledge Manager, and they might still become a reality. Until then, I still have hope in my heart.


Not everything we asked for turned up, and that's okay.  


There are so many useful, fun, and gorgeous figures in the Kickstarter. 


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