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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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@Reaper - any chance you could scale up Argent the silver dragon to like 15-18 inches tall? (and however many more inches long/wide) :)


have to ask :)


Great campaign.   A lot of great models.


I must say i was very surprised with some of the choices.

I really expected a demogorgon due to popularity of stranger things and the resurgence of ppl buying demogorgon minis :P


also didn't expect the boat

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I'll just add that these last months were pretty competitive for the KS dollar. We had *two* CMON KS, Dwarven Forge KS, and Reaper from late June to early September, plus the usual smaller miniatures KS. That's quite a bit for a little over two months. Myself, I pledged for the Mantic Terrain Crate and Hand of Glory KS, and will be pledging for the ForgePrints AdventureScapes dungeon accessories KS next week. Great time for miniatures, terrible time for the wallet!

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1 hour ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

4) and yes, the long stretches between goals.


I guess number 4 is kind the reverse side of the other 3. If everything went to plan and people were hyped for the final push, the goals wouldnt have been too far apart... but, with the slower final push, having the goals closer might have helped compensate. Having the goals closer, though, is a little bit outside of reapers control in as much as they still need to be far enough apart to cover the production cost - or at least would require less grand / less expensive goals in order to get them close together.


At the end of the day it was still a big success, though, and gives them more to think about for their Bones 5 strategy


3 minutes ago, StarFyre said:

where do you see you # listed? my payment was rejected since the bank fraud system didn't like it. called, they cleared it, and the re attempt i think went through fine.


The KS "View pledge" button next to "Youre a backer" has backer number at the bottom beneath the rewards and your pledge.

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5 minutes ago, StarFyre said:

where do you see you # listed? my payment was rejected since the bank fraud system didn't like it. called, they cleared it, and the re attempt i think went through fine.

Easiest way to find it is to go to the main campaign page and hit the "View Pledge" button. It'll be at the bottom of the popup that appears. 

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4 hours ago, Jaymezin said:

Man everyone heres spending large then there me who has to keep the cost of the minis i get under $205 otherwise I get charged extra for shipping into New Zealand


Stupid laws and regulations


Jaymezin - probably too late to consider this but you can get around that restriction if you back a few different US waves & get them reshipped to NZ through NZ post.

I've got 3 orders of ~$200 each coming in - wave 1, wave 5, & wave 11.  Experience has shown it's competitive on pricing, faster, and a whole lot less frustrating for me to handle the shipping myself this way than to use the "official" Asia-Pacific shipping from Reaper, and it allows me to stagger the arrival dates so that I don't get hit by duty.

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I have sorted things out.

Keeping mind what I already have and what I will probably have painted by then.

Dropped some stuff, added some stuff.


Those I need a lot, so great to fill my order.


I pledged $500 when I lock in PM my total is $ 499,28..can't get it whole, or it is $500,48.

So I guess I will give reaper 72 cents.


I will Get


Darkreach ( all those fungi and monsters and that Dark Elf Queen Will end up in my project)

Lost Valley ( Surprise I know ^_^)

Fan Favorites ( Mammoth!!! And the Beetle/Crab stuff, the Toads, the Portal..yep into my project)

Snake Cultists ( because..you know)

Braziers ( always wanted something like that)

Pirate Ghosts ( Project..)

Zombie Dragon ( I love Undead Dragons)

Dragon Turtle ( Project)

Paint Set A ( too good a deal)

Paint Set B ( New Paints Woohooo!)

ROC ( I want a Phoenix)

Frost Giant Raiders ( Couldn't resist the Wolf and two beautiful female giants)

Thunderfoot Behemoth ( Project)

Blacktooth Terror X 2 ( I will build a howdah on the second one See Barge)

Barge X 2 ( one will be painted whole, second will be cut up, use the tent part for a howdah, the rest will become a shipwreck or two)

The rest is filled out with large round and oval bases and flight stands.

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In terms of what I'm getting - oh, ninnyhammers, that's going to be interesting given that I've spread everything over 3 separate accounts : )


Wave 1

  • Core Set
  • Chronoscope Expansion
  • Wraiths Option
  • Fantasy Scenics Option

Total:  $190, $10 available for other options if I decide to not use it on shipping.  All of these are hard locks.


Wave 5

  • Dreadmere Expansion
  • High Rollers Option
  • Paint Set A Option
  • Paint Set B Option
  • Trolls Option
  • Rocky Option
  • Skeletal Monsters Option
  • Living Statue Amazon Option
  • Living Statue Spartan Option
  • Tree of Despair Option
  • Baba Yaga's Hut Option
  • Nyarlathotep Option

Total:  $196, $4 available for other options if I decide not to use it on shipping.  All in italics are soft locks that will probably go out for other stuff where I see more value like the Stygian Canoe Option, but I'm going to wait for a bit and mull that over.  This is definitely the shipment I'm most flexible on and I can easily see myself grabbing stuff that's more compelling or arguably useful like the modern scenics option or the "Stones" tiles over some of this.


Wave 11

  • Darkreach Expansion
  • Lost Valley Expansion
  • Fan Favorites Expansion
  • Frost Giant Raiders Option
  • Thunderfoot Behemoth Option
  • Blacktooth Terror Option

Total: $200, right on the upper limit of the budget.  The Frost Giant Raiders are likely to stay in, but if I need to free up $15 somewhere they're the ones to go from here.


Total budget:  $600 excluding shipping.  I'm under it by $14 at the moment, rock and roll.



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