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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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6 minutes ago, ladystorm said:

Probably is.

She has dogs, worked with rescue groups, did S&R with them, all that.


Thank you, ladystorm, for the further details!  



1 minute ago, Pineapple said:

Wow, had no idea about the bard figure.  Even more glad I'm getting the fan favorites now, that's cool. 



Glad to hear I wasn't the only one! 




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20 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

   As folks make their final decisions, you need think about February 2019, and which things will you be seeing photos of posted in the Bones 4 Shipping thread, over which you'll be kicking yourself and saying, "Why didn't I get one of those, when I had the chance and they were priced so reasonably! 


You know we're alll going to be doing it... So plan ahead! :lol:

Good point!:lol:


Did anyone who was at the party yesterday take any pics? Did you post 'em somewhere?

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11 hours ago, Limey72 said:

Thanks rat my backer number was 35 now both KS and email show wave 11

That is very odd. Mine was like 2400 or so. Might want to contact reaper on this one

7 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Speaking of Reaper Con.


Considering the amount of digital sculpts in Bones 4, I wouldn't be surprised if their were a large number of prototypes displayed during the convention.


Seeing a full sized Argent would be fun. (Though I can't make it this year, so I'll trust you all to take nice pictures).

I think most, if not all, digital sculpts were given away at the party.

3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Yes the Cultist lady is something I really wanted too.

And I'm not really a Chibi fan, I've painted one, and I do have a few unpainted ones.

But the only one I liked was Cleocathra..she didn't show either.


Well, maybe next time!

Can't win them all.


And this is a huge succes, I mean asking $30K and getting over $3M is awesome right?


So where or what is this cultist? Sorry for my ignorance, but were is this from?

1 hour ago, Chris Palmer said:

Ok, my going to reveal a lack of knowledge that I probably shouldn't, and probably reduce any small "forum cred" I may have had, but what is the significance of the so specifically named, Isobael Bard, figure in the Fans'  Favorites Expansion.



I know everyone else already answered this, but Izzy had said she wanted a bard to sculpt and I think that's how isobel came about.

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I would have been in for that cultist. I'm not that into the Mythos creatures but am building up a cult that will be summoning the more traditional demons or undead and such.


Time for me to step back from the PM, let my wallet relax and focus on some other things. In a couple months I should have some cash and I can continue to wrack my brain over how many living statues do I need, do I need both paint sets, one, none, how many armoured goblins, etc.

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Well I've definitely spent more this time around. But then that wasn't hard.


Bones 1: $0. I was making next to no money as a home care aid, my partner was paying for job training.

Bones 2: $0. I was unemployed, my partner was being screwed over as a pharmacy tech.

Bones 3: $60. The state of CA was telling me I'm unemployable, my partner was tired of being screwed over and looking for better jobs.

Bones 4: $115 minimum, probably closer to $200. I'm writing for commissions, my partner works for the IRS.


Jobs are important. 

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@Chaoswolf reading the comments after the fact, I had much the same impression of the "enthusiasm" here as well.


In any case, this project is going to be successful in taking more of my money over the next year than any other. I couldn't afford more than a minimal pledge now, but when all is said and done we'll be spending $717, before shipping. That includes an extra roc for a friend. 


We're very excited for the dragons, the barge, the mammoth, the portal, the turtles, the lady giants!!:wub:, the djinn, and all the other spiffy stuff. There's so many cool pieces in this KS!

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4 minutes ago, Macmorn said:

No Mr Bones?


Did I miss him?  I tried checking back and 80k posts and 540 pages here I couldn't find mention of him or his missus.




He led the campaign..no mini was revealed.


I would like to see the end of the comic, but I guess it will not come anymore.

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