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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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Locked in for just under my pledge. I know we'll be adding more later but at least I've got most of the important stuff locked in.  We're still not sure whether we're going to just want part of the core or the whole thing, whether we're going to get the fan favorites, etc.  Plus I suspect we'll be getting an extra of something once we've had time to think about it.  


Looking forward to lots and lots of more art.  ^_^ 

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14 hours ago, emmagine said:

What were you hoping for that didn't come to fruition?



Hey all,




Someone had mentioned, with the popularity of 'demogorgon' due to stranger things, maybe reaper would make a very large demogorgon model.  Then, from that, some ppl including myself, were asking for a demonlord set of the less used demonlords (juiblex, obox-ox, shaktari, etc).


I also asked for a Lords of Hell set (the 9 lords of hell, i dont think they are Brand Identity...i could be wrong)


Also, someone asked for a world turtle, so i jumped onto that band wagon -  a world turtle or zaratan (and i put in that it needs to be 2 ft long minimum to be worth it :P :P )


I was kinda hoping that some of this stuff got made.  I did want bahamut and slaad and got those so that's great at least :)


In the core set, there's 1 model i want (owlbear) and the expansions will just get the underdark one, lost valley, and the one with the slaad.










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my Current list,


Core Set

Extra Monster Set x2 (I always have my monsters come in packs and 3x owlbear, griffon and wyvern is a nice encounter)

Extra Apes (I just really like the sculpts on these and want to paint one set as yetis and traditional apes)



Dragon Turtle

Zombie dragon



Thunderfoot Behemoth

Blacktooth Terror

Dance of Death

Argent x2 (Im thinking Gold/Silver for one and Red/Black for the other)

Maybe List:


Fire Giant Huntsman

Frost Giants

Lords of Hell

Will get Agramon and the Fire Giant if the sculpts on the frost giants, lords of hell arn't to my liking.


At 305.95 Currently will get up to 335.95 at the most... only 36 dollars more then my limit... I call that a win

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Locked in for 966.90 so far...



Here's the stuff you ordered (#65367) :
2017 Core Set x2
Darkreach Expansion x2

Dreadmere Expansion x1
Lost Valley Expansion x1

Fan Favorites x1
Zombie Dragon x1
Hill Giants x2
Dragon Turtle x1
Wraiths x1
Fire Giant Huntsman x1
Rocky x1
Trolls x1
Narglauth x1
Living Statue Spartan x6
Living Statue Amazon x6
Hill Giant Huntsman x1
Paint Set A x1
Paint Set B x1
We Will Roc You! x1
King Cobra x1
Skeletal Monsters x1
Agramon x1
Baba Yaga's Hut x1
Tree of Despair x1
Blacksting, Wyvern x1
Thunderfoot Behemoth x1
Fantasy Scenics x1
Dance of Death x1
Blacktooth Terror x1
Mossbeard, Treeman x1
Skeletal Dragon x1
Stygian Barge x1
Argent x1

Monsters x1 [3 total including core x2]
Dire Beasts x1 [3 total including core x2]


183.10 left to spend from initial pledge:

Almost definitely getting:

1x (more) Spartan Statues [7 total]

1x (more) Amazon Statues [7 total]

1x Frost Giant Raiders (pending sculpts looking as/near as amazing as concept art)

1x Lords of Hell (ditto concept -> reality)

1x Nyarlathotep (ditto concept -> reality)


Considering heavily:

1x Art Book

1x Tiles (really going back and forth on this, how much do other people use tiles when playing D&D/Pathfinder?)

1x (more) Lost Valley [2 total]

1x (more) Fan Favorites [2 total]

1x (more) Dark Reach [3 total]

1x (more) Demons and Devils [3 total, including the 2x from core]

1x (more) Sophie and Friends [3 total, including the 2x from core]

1x (more) Monsters/Dire Beasts [4 total, including 2x from core] -- 3 or 4x of each per encounter? The questions you have to ask yourself ><

Bases? How helpful/necessary are they?

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i dont know because i had to drop out of bones 2 and 3 due to funds. right now for me to get everything i have to add 450 more ontop of 600 initial pledge. which i will do but need to replace computer soon and thats atleast 1k due to me liking me some WoW. 

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23 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

I'm trying to remember correctly: after Bones 3 ended, were items gradually added to the pledge manager, or were the figures added all at once?



The consensus a couple pages back were that all the new new items were there when it opened:






4 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:
4 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Not all of th were there when it went live. The second part of the bonesylvaians and the coloured weapons were added later.

Bonesylvanians 1 & 2, as well as clear weapons, were all part of Update 51, "The Pledge Manager is Now accepting Selections and Funds! And New Rewards!"


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Locked in for some of my favorite things but there's still so much I want to add, especially the expansions. So far I have:


 Core Set add-ons:
  Dire Beasts          
  Snake Cultists      
  Pathfinder Iconics
  Small World Heroes
  Gargoyle Toppers    
  Brazier Toppers      

  Skull Toppers    
  Mystic Orb Toppers  
  Ghost Pirates        
  Sophie & Friends  
 Paint Set B    
 Tree of Despair  
 We Will Roc You!
 Frost Giant Raiders
 Thunderfoot Behemoth  
 Dance of Death        
 Art Book             


These are on my short list to add when I can:
 Darkreach Expansion 
 Fan Favorites Expansion
 Blacksting Wyvern      


Might add if possible:
 Paint Set A  (already own 3)
 Living Statues Amazons  
 Rulers of Hell       
 Lost Valley Expansion 

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