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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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IMO Reaper has always had a communication/PR problem due to the way that they choose to structure the dissemination of information. ie. We can't post an update because it's not update day. We can't gi

So I'm later than I had hoped to be.  I have content for this week, but let's pick the second January update (fourth Friday 1/25/19) Content. Five options.  Use the Like this post options to cast

Survey Time!   I'm going to let yall have a wee bit of input on the next Expansion Pack I feature for the updates. I have parameters I have to follow, so it isn't super open for yall to

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Has a time been announced for the live stream? I'm almost certainly going to be at work during it, but with some for warning I might be able to pop on for a few minutes.

2 hours ago, Crowley said:


Really? :rock: Well... Okay...


Personally I have complete faith that sometime early next year I'm going to get a massive box of toys. I have no idea where I'll be storing it... :wacko:

Yes, really.


I do have faith that I'll be getting a huge number of great minis, most likely in the first quarter of next year. It's just that I'm about 99% sure that some of them will not be what I pledged for, and that Reaper is fully aware of it.

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2 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

I actually pledged for several:) I can always use more plinths:)


What a good point. Think I'll add a statue set just for the plinths. Hum, a set of display plinths could be popular in a future Bones KS, or even as a straight up retail release.

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14 minutes ago, CorallineAlgae said:


What a good point. Think I'll add a statue set just for the plinths. Hum, a set of display plinths could be popular in a future Bones KS, or even as a straight up retail release.

Yes, releasing them as a set or separately retail would be awesome.

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There always seems to be statues popping up all over the place in adventures. So... I need six male warriors and 6 female, because often there are 3 on each side of a bridge or what have you. 


But wait, one in each set looks new and one looks old... so that means I need 6 sets of each. 


Glad their only $5 a set!




I just looked to be sure I locked them in, and I see I have 2 more of each sitting in my cart. Because really I think I need 8 of each!!! :lol: 

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My random thoughts of this evening are about the fact that I don't want as many duplicates this time around.


Things that I would if they were in smaller sets:

From core: grave things terrain

Dreadmere: boat, cart, and raft

Darkreach: shrieking fungus and crystals

Fan Favorites: portal


Things I already got multiple of:

Gargoyle and Skull toppers

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8 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Can someone post a reminder tomorrow to watch the live stream?  I probably won't forget but just in case.

I can only do this if someone posts a reminder to remind me to remind you. ::P:

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Friday before Fourth of July week should be pretty quiet. I should be able to sneak a peek via my phone and earbuds from my desk, at the least I can let Ron know how much I love some of the stuff I’m getting.

the ruler of hell is just so good!!!! 

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