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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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17 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

To anyone who received Baba Yagas hut, did the legs come attached?

I had thought they would be separate, but in some pics they look reassembled.


Facebook person said they come attached. That actually surprises me; I would have guessed they'd be easier to cast separate. But I doubt they'll be too bad to chop if you want them off. The FB fellow had the great idea of chopping them, then reattaching with magnets so a seemingly calm cottage could run away from his D&D group. 

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12 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

I think the query has more to do with the myriad possibilities of feet attachable to other items than just the standard hut.

Granny Weatherwax's cottage comes readily to mind.:ph34r:


Some on Dakka were actually going to use the chicken legs for their Chaos Titanicus (sp) units! ::o:


Keep those pics coming! 

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5 minutes ago, Cyradis said:


Facebook person said they come attached. That actually surprises me; I would have guessed they'd be easier to cast separate. But I doubt they'll be too bad to chop if you want them off. The FB fellow had the great idea of chopping them, then reattaching with magnets so a seemingly calm cottage could run away from his D&D group. 

This is odd, as I seem to remember Ed mention on many occasions, they were not attached (especially considering SO MUCH is unassembled)

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8 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

This is odd, as I seem to remember Ed mention on many occasions, they were not attached (especially considering SO MUCH is unassembled)

That’s what I remember too. 

I know things can change, but that seems like an odd change to make in production.

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I don't particularly mind as long as the cast is good. Chopping shouldn't cause trouble. Hmm. I think I may even have a character for the hut in my D&D world... if I chop off the legs and the deadman. She's a mostly retired good necromancer (more inclined to mortician work and protecting cemeteries) who is ancient and lives in exile in a cottage on the edge of the city. She blesses the graves of her descendants.  

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Whoa. And even better... my D&D group has decided to thoroughly ignore her for a while, so the hut will be here by the time they meet her! Doesn't have to be painted necessarily. I'll just keep a box of "stuff" by my chair and then go WHOMP. 


I dropped hints for them. They really should talk to her. She is VERY inclined to help the group, unlike the group they decided to talk to. But no.... this legendary grandma just wasn't in the cards. Yet. Gramma may have to get nosy. 

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50 minutes ago, dice4hire said:

Congrats Canada. Nice you got to be first for once. Enjoy your stuff.

I am personally amazed Canada got their stuff so fast. 

I don't know why, but when I first glanced at this post, Inside out popped in my head:)


Anger: Congratulations Canada, you've ruined Reaper! First, the Bones Black, and now YOU!

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9 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

Okey Dokey!




Sorry this isn't yesterday! ::P:


I wonder what horror will emerge for BD's generation?


I had Barney and Bananas in Pajamas.


I'm going to keep my eye on you young lady! <_<::P:


I seems Brexit is postponed a little longer, so hopefully we will get our stuff in time before that turns into a mess.

Reaper does what they can, I hope we don't end up paying extra taxes or having to wait for months suddenly because Brexit explodes into a No Deal without knowing how to handle customs anymore.


I have understood from KS comments that the legs on the Baba Yaga huts were supposed to be separate, I would have preferred that, but ok, I can chop them off if needed.

It will become a nice home for one of my vampires or necromancers. 

Even if I don't game I like to have some nice terrain for photo opportunities.


I do hope the warping is limited to a minimum, I was under the impression the black bones would be more sturdy and less prone to warping.

If stuff gets too warped I usually don't bother with it and resell or give / swap them away.


Same goes for assembly. I like that to be minimal as well, I ordered the monsters and the big stuff and expansions.

A few pieces are fine by me, as long as it isn't in the modern GW or Kingdom Death style please.

If I have to assemble a humanoid I prefer it to be like a torso, an arm and a head maybe, not feet to ankle/hands to arm/arm to shoulder kinda thing.

So I hope it won't be that bad.




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5 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

You know, honestly, the more I see all the Canada packages and associated weights, the more Nervous I am::o: WTH was I thinking:)


@GlitterwolfDid secret agent May Manage to extend the deadline past April 12th?


She is still working on it, she is now talking to opposition in an attempt to get them to support her.

It seems there is a good chance Brexit will be delayed to May 22th, that would give us all some more time.

But still not conclusive!


So I hope the Bones will slip through in time.

As for extra taxes to pay, that would be a real bummer, Reaper has said they will have to wait and see what happens before they can do anything which I understand.

I'm more worried what it could mean for actual shipping out of a country that suddenly has no trade agreements anymore with the EU, will it "just"be a matter of paying customs?

Or could this cause more delay?


Somebody kick those boats so they move faster!

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Well, apparently they're asking again for more time.

We'll see if that happens, as a lot of EU citizens are kinda fed up with the whole "will they, will they not" thing with Brexit, and all the EU member countries have to agree to a delay.


I've had problems with the boiled parts of Bones staying straight, but I had success with leaving them over night in their ice water. I had an Orcus ordered recently, that had his wing tip caught in the packaging and therefor severly bent backwards. After multiple tries and it always bending back to that shape, leaving the wing in the cold water for like a day helped it keep it's shape. I do hope I won't have to do that with too many pieces, though.


Assembly is something I personally dislike, but it's the only part of the miniature pipeline my boyfriend participates in. Well, he also removes flash now, after he bought that GW tool for it (no, you don't need it, a hobby knife does the same :rolleyes:). But he can happily glue and scrape away.


Edit: From my countries history with sudden border changes, apparently a lot of individual customs officers started to just let stuff through until the situation had normalised. But I do think there will be delays either way, a lot of people will try to get their stuff through the ports/airport before Brexit happens.

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