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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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4 hours ago, Zink said:


I still have Bones 1 in the original box.

I had to give up my vampire box when Hubby's cat sat on it and crushed it. Yeah, there were bones in there. Didn't stop his fat tushy from destroying the box though <_< 


Such a bad kitteh.

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Wow that Turtle Dragon is HHUUUUGGGEEEE, so awesome.

You could ask Reaper if the support is missing, they will certainly solve this if it was supposed to be there.

Nyarly looks awesome!



Nyarly is going to be a Plantmonster in my Lost World!

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10 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Just found the pig going through my core.  He may be my new favorite miniature......


Also, I think someone was asking.  The contents of the pig cart are not removable.


3 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


I hope he paid his part of the pledge first.




Haha, now that is funny:)

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1 hour ago, Doug Sundseth said:


It's not the table that's the problem. Now if the box can be converted into a shed, ....




When I was a kid, my parents got a big TV. This was before flat screens, so it was a chunker. The box was HUGE. Us kids turned it into a castle, and cut a draw-bridge style door into it. That was the play-castle for at least a year. We're going to need to buy a LOT of Bones to get a shed/castle size box!


1 hour ago, Nunae said:

While we do have a rather big table to play on, thanks to our D&D host, there are only so many campaign ending big bads a campaign needs. Most D&D games never get to the levels where it would be appropriate to fight those ginormous monsters.

I like the miniatures ofc, but more dragons within the 2 inch and 3 inch base category would see more actual game time. And the wyvern from the core set is more likely to be used to kill players than Blacksting is. 


Timing might be working out well; if my players take my Windmill option, they'll end up encountering a roosting wyvern. And yes, it would be the one from the core set. 


32 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Be aware that petrified wood comes in a very wide range of colors and palettes, depending on the minerals present at the time the petrification process occurred.

@Cyradis can do a much better job of explaining this than I will ever be able to.  Do a web search for pix of petrified woods and you will find all sorts of wood in all sorts of colors.



Yes it does! Petrified wood has pretty much undergone a replacement of wood particles for silica (quartz, glass - but this would be submicroscopic crystals). This has to happen in a way that the log has been preserved, and not allowed to decay (burying it without the bacteria present that would eat it up). Other elements also get trapped in the silica, and those are the ones that cause colors. I have a postcard listing the element-colors of petrified wood somewhere at home. Different localities of petrified wood are known for different assortments of colors too. Arizona stuff has a lot of reds and oranges. I have a slab of unknown location that has a lot of tealish greens. And one at my mom's place is beige and browns, in a pretty way. 


**rummages on the internet** 


https://www.mindat.org/min-8018.html - good pictures of an assortment in the gallery. 


I can try to find my postcard, which I think has cited sources, but this element-color guide roughly matches my knowledge of chromophores. A little skeptical of manganese causing purple - usually it likes to be salmon red. 

Image result for petrified wood color chart postcard



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3 minutes ago, NomadZeke said:

I still got my bones 1 vampire box...it's safe on the closet top shelf. I like to save them as memoirs of reaper taking way too much of my money ::P:


For the value received, I think especially with the first kickstarter they likely could have taken more of our money and we would still be satisfied.  :)  The kickstarters are always insane deals, if you can stomach the wait.

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12 minutes ago, TaleSpinner said:


I love that 8 out of 11 can be caused by iron.


Your Geo posts are awesome.


D'aww thanks!

I would rather talk about paint and rocks with you guys than grade these gosh darned awful assignments. Alas... back to grading. And hitting F5 on my email to see if I have a shipping notification!

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