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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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5 minutes ago, Grayfax said:

My wife has wanted a bearded dragon on and off for a while.  For the longest we couldn't because we had elderly relatives living with us.  Then there were the new (second batch) of kittens.  Still not sure about a mixed house with dogs, cats and dragons... the bird and fished worked for a while, but is hard to maintain when we no longer have a pet shop that actually deals with animals (instead of being a chain) within 100 miles.  Maybe we just need a larger lizard that can stand its ground against the others when fully grown... and be able to survive a car trip if needed to see a vet.  Hmmm...


He lives in his own tank, so he wouldn't be interfering with other pets. A dog or cat would take a lot of work to get into his domain. Since I have no other loose pets, sometimes I'll let him skitter around the house. And I have a fully enclosed outdoor playpen for him to use on warm days to sunbath. If he has to do to the vet, I have a smaller tank to put him in :) 

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3 hours ago, Laoke said:

Buglips figure - been pushing for this since KS the Second from memory, would still be very keen to see Buglips, Goblin "King" in the Bones range.


Especially if his weapon is a brush : )

dont forget he has to be wearing cobra commander garb


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1 minute ago, Crowley said:

Yup. Poor Reaper Bryan... Do you think he gets to spend any time with his family this month?



Oddly enough, early evening to late night seems like the best time. Maybe conning Ron to make the 4AM update. Otherwise I still advocate for the company couch.

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Numbers Based on 1900-2000 Reaper time today:

Total Gain Today -$53,266

Total Gain 24 Hours -$68,857

Total to Next Goal -$25,507

New Backers This Hour -24

Gain in last Hour -$2,608

Current Average Pledge -$105.98

Average Hourly Backers Today -24.0

Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours -24.6

Average Hourly Pledges Today -$2,663

Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours -$2,869

Hours to next goal based on gains this hour -9.8

Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg -8.9

Current Total Pledges -$769,493

Current Total Backers -7,261

Previous Hour Total Pledges -$766,885

Previous Hour Total Backers -7,237

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Just now, Reaperbryan said:

It's ok - for the duration of the KS I am allowed to be tardy any day there was goal between midnight and 9 am (my usual start time)

atleast you get that for the randome odd time update.:B):

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14 hours ago, Crowley said:

How does one search in kickstarter comments? I wanted to update the totals spreadsheet, since it hasn't been done since midnight reaper time... But I need the numbers... 

If the post will come from a specific person, you could bookmark the profile page and then use that to filter the comments that individual has recently made.


Otherwise it's scroll to the bottom, open more comments, repeat until satisfied, then use your browser to search.

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