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To complete:

1) final PC for d&d group member

2) Nosferatu bust

3) Darth Sana bust

4) finish Distracted piece

5) get started on big reapercon diorama project - group of bombshell miniatures female heroes vs keeper & demon 2-story build. 



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  1. Pledge for Bones IV. Done!
  2. Finish my Jungle themed Photo Backdrop Board. Done!
  3. Finish my Beastman Bust
  4. Start on Kaladrax on Mausoleum
  5. Cadirith ( almost done!)
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Well my ultimate goal is finish everything for ReaperCon. I do believe I have well over 50 things to paint up, that includes terrain pieces & minis. I've decided to paint at least something every day till ReaperCon. My normal goal is to have everything done ReaperCon month day 1 but I know I won't have that done, so paint something every day!


Also I'd like to get maps finished this month. This includes mainly maps I've gotten off drivethru that are the colored tile types. I just need to cut, spray adhesive & mount them to cardboard or foamboard.


Also there is that Bone 4 thingee happening today as well..... I guess I'll pledge....:poke:

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Hobby goals for the month:

Finish Kagunk (hangout figure for July)

Bloodmane, Gnoll Warrior (hangout figure for August)

Diorama figures (heroines in sensible shoes 1/2 orc, dragonborn, bard, pregnant lady)



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In keeping with my hobby goals for the year here are my August goals:

  1.  |To paint a sci-fi figure for a competition coming up next month.
  2. To paint the Darksword set True Reflectionsfor my Aunt |
  3. To paint a catperson for Call of Cthulhu |
  4. To paint |this month's mithril miniature | which will most likely be part of a multipart vignette (or not)

Additionally I plan to start small vignette that I hope to enter in a next month's contest.


> My 2017 goals are:

  • To paint enough Sci-fi miniatures to play the game Future Tales. ( none so far)
  • To paint the remaining figures to fill out my Frostgrave base forces. | ( 10 so far)
  • To paint character figures for the remaining characters in my Call of Cthulhu campaign. | ( 7 so far)
  • To paint mythos creatures for my Call of |Cthulhu campaign.  ( 7 so far)
  • To paint the graveyard terrain from Reaper's Bones 3.  ( Now that I have it )
  • To paint three entries for painting competitions this year.  (There are only two now)
  • To paint one Mithril figure | each month. ( On track with 7)



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Trying to think up goals for this month. Paint dragon but not fussed if I finish him soon. Have a handful of partly painted guys I could finish. Maybe do some more romans or goblins. Maybe some more terrain. Important part is to do something. As soon as I start I'll probably head off on a tangent, ooh look, shiny....

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