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 Sneak peak at my "next" project. Custom base that I've been playing with (one of two). I made this from an old medicine jar, dollhouse crown molding (cast into a flexible piece), some strip styrene, balsafoam, smooth cast 300, alumalite quickset, and an old ring. I think that's it. Oh, and some Magic-Sculpt (two part clay) and let's not forget the tree bark. Still some clean up to do and more Magic-Sculpt/sculpting to bring the top (ground) piece together with the mountain.


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Thanks to all!

 Progress has been had on the base. I airbrushed the step sections after coating the tops and some select sides with Tamiya putty. I have spent a ton of time filling a "metric-butt-load" of pinholes in the plinth section. As well as straightening out "waves" in the molding.

Here's the steps: 


 I have a color pallet mostly worked out. I think the fig will be the last part painted, as I have another project I'm reserving my "fig painting attention" for.

 Thanks for looking,


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 Got a bunch of base paint work done. Some Airbrush, some washes, a bunch o dry-brushing! I have the monolith stones painted and pinned. A whole bunch of vegetation is planned. The stair stones still need more work (going to be a much more ivory color  than current). I have the plinth coated in gloss to protect it for now, probably gonna go "satin" in the end.

 With all the green shades planned- moss, grasses, plants, from a deep green to spring shades, I'm thinking a desaturated periwinkle blue for the robes. Any opinions out there (the two of you that may be lurking)?


 Thanks for stoppin in.

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 A couple few more pics. Any ideas on what to with the stone in the center of the ground? I'm undecided myself. A glowing orb (osl opportunity)? A marble-like stone to differentiate it from the ground? Put a potted plant over it? Keep it "stone"? Gold? -I'm out.


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 Thanks Glitterwolf! Eye don't know, Eye kinda liked the idea last night. After some shut eye, eyem still not sure. BTW,  I'm a "semi-professional part-time airbrush artist" (insert Reese Bobby joke here). I am though, and I seem to have an affinity for painting eyes. I just don't know if it may "Creep out" the display a bit, or if that's even a bad thing. It would be cool, and "eye" don't have any other ideas. Anyhow, the base is mostly done now, details like the center stone and the plinth area are still TBD. I believe the mini will be painted in periwinkle blue.


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