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US-IMF : 28mm & 15mm Sci-fi Armour


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About this project


Welcome to the US-IMF (United States Independent Military Forces) which is one of the factions in our Governance of Technology range of sci-fi scenery and vehicles.

This Kickstarter is to help us rapidly expand our successful  "Governance of Technology" range of 15mm and 28mm sci-fi vehicles by completing an entire faction worth of vehicles in one go.

We've chosen the US-IMF faction for this project as it represents a high-tech faction that is entirely militaristic within our 'verse and we felt that the "gamey" style of the models was not at all well represented on the tabletop at large scales.

About us:

We are an established manufacturer of resin models and have been operating for 12 years. We were a pioneer of using 3D prints for model masters and use resin casting techniques the same as those used in film production resulting in very high quality casts with excellent detail and exceptionally few if any, flaws.

Over the last year, we have significantly expanded our resin casting facilities and introduced new techniques for both moulding and casting that have aided in both quality and producible quantity. 

We have come to Kickstarter seeking the funds to more rapidly expanded our model range by covering initial 3D printing costs whilst being able to cover operating costs in our day-to-day budget.

Please note:  This Kickstarter and the vehicles in it are designed for our "Governance of Technology" series of 15mm & 28mm combat vehicles and are in no way associated with Infinity the Game.

I've seen those models somewhere else!?

Indeed you may have!

To complete an entire faction of vehicles requires a huge amount of creativity and design work and to achieve this we’ve teamed up with 3D designer Stephane Chasseloup alias "GrafxBox” who has a well-known and popular series of models created for 3D environments and computer gaming.  

We’re taking those "low Poly" designs and converting GrafxBOX's computer-game designs into high-quality ‘true 3D’ models ready for 3D printing.


Once that work is completed we 3D print the vehicle parts, remove any surface artefacts from the printing process, and then go on to making production moulds for casting the models in resin.

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16 hours ago, Pegazus said:

Failed my will save and didn't even make it to the 48 reminder. In for a Wolverine and a Buffalo.


After their latest update I failed my Will save and upped my pledge.  They should hit the 23k for the printer set-up, and I'm hoping we make it all the way up the Mastodon.  I've had a thing for Mechs ever since watching Robotech back in the day.  :B):

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On 8/1/2017 at 2:26 PM, Arc 724 said:

So glad they actually have pictures of models and not just digital renders.





Perhaps I'm blind, but I don't actually see these vehicles available in the project?  Light armored vehicles and civilian cars would interest me the most but I don't see them listed in the items available to pledge for.


Also what is the Skunk supposed to be?  Mobile solar panels?




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I suspect the pictures are from their existing lineup, although I couldn't find them on a quick look through their web page, and are included as a 'proof of concept' to give you an idea of what you vehicles will look like.  They DO have civilian vehicles available on their web page, but that isn't what this KS is about.


The Skunk description states it's an "active denial system" so I would think it's a mobile ECM platform.

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Well crud!  Just got the latest update and it looks like it'll be hit or miss as to how much of this get fulfilled.  I'm REALLY hoping to get the kits out of this, but we'll see.  Also it would seem that the company, as it is currently configured, will cease to exist and just become a STL creator.  :(  Too bad since they're on of the better manufacturers out there for resin.

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