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FitzBones: 77041 Harpy


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I thought it had been too long since I painted a fantasy figure, so I reached into my Big Bag O' Monsters and this was the one that came out.

(Full multi-angle image linked due to excessive boobies):


It's 77041 Harpy by Julie Guthrie. As usual for me these days, it's one of the plastic Bones miniatures, and if you want one it will cost you the princely sum of about three of those Yankee dollars.

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Removed pictures due to nudity
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Looking good. But as Glitterwolf said, I believe the policy here is no nudie pics even with bars. My understanding is that with a very clear straightforward policy, there won't have to be discussions on how thick bars have to be, and etc. So everyone puts them on a different photo hosting site. I use Google and iCloud. 

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