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So here's my Ogre Command.

While I crop photos, please look at this photo of my assembled horde, representing the Forgotten Realms mercenary group known as the chill. I still have orcs, hobgoblins, and more ogres to paint, so this group photo will get updated periodically in the appropriate show off thread.


Edited for WIP link.


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49 minutes ago, lexomatic said:



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I'm happy with the drum and standard, though everything is a bit sloppy.


They're goblins. They like it that way. It's part of why I like painting them.

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That is a SPLENDID LOOKING Band of Scoundrels, Rogues, Hooligans, & Ne'er-Do-Wells. You did a FINE job with brush & palette; AND a WONDERFUL  job choosing the cast of characters.

I will look forward to your updates. Until the...VERY WELL DONE!

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1 hour ago, Thes Hunter said:


Go team stereotypically green but this time a more pleasing mix of skin color variation! 


<_< that just doesn't have the same ring to it. 


1 hour ago, korimar said:

I'm jealous, you've got a great adventure all set!


A friend and I are trying out GURPS skirmish rules in a setting we used to adventure. Monsters attacking a human village. I've counted up all my bones minis that will comprise the Chill - the ones in this thread, the extra ogres, bugbears, orcs, and hobgoblins I need to paint, my already painted orcs... and it's a lot. Over 20 (65!). The poor town guard with assorted heroes will be in the low 20s. Fortifications will help, but it might be a massacre.

I'm painting kobolds next so I can run Sunless Citadel, but it's not nearly as many.

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