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Personify the Wind


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Good afternoon, brain trust,


I'm trying to fill in minis for a home brew D&D campaign. Four of the overarching personalities in the world are personifications of the winds. Each has a tower in my world, dedicated to their reverence, and each person controls the winds corresponding to a cardinal direction on the compass using an instrument unique to them.


The North Wind is cold and ruthless; abandoned by a former beau, she desires to leave the world as cold as that unfaithful ingrate's heart was toward her.

The South Wind is young, warm, and fancy-free; inexperienced, she sees the best in everything, and just wants everyone to be comfortable and happy.

The West Wind is constant and productive; order and normalcy are associated with her.

The East Wind is unusual, untrustworthy, and often bears ill omen; chaos and sickness tend to accompany her.


For the minis, I really like Julie Guthrie's Spirit of Winter (N. wind), Spirit of Spring (S. wind), and Spirit of Fall (W. wind), but the Spirit of Summer doesn't fit my picture for the East wind, and I don't want a mini that's so under-dressed. I imagined them as a group of sisters, although I have considered making the east wind a brother.


Can anyone think of a mini that would fit the bill and (at least sort of) match the other three mentioned?

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Have you checked the Figure Finder? It allows you to set parameters like male or female, race, what they hold, and what they wear.  Very useful if you're trying to limit the possibilities.  Note the tags are not perfect, however.  While playing around, I noticed Spirit of Summer is not listed as Human or Female.  Adding the sculptor's name may help as well since their figures may share a likeness.

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