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    • By Arc 724
      So I have been looking for some epic mini's holding a church warden or average pipe and am coming up short. I figured I needed to get some help. Besides the cutest Pipe holding wizard EVER, I'm having a hard time finding them. I love me some Reaper Mini but I am not exclusive for this search.
      The idea is to find something along the lines of Aragon in the prancing pony...
      OH And that is a recommendation too, Mini with pipes! 
    • By kristof65

      So one of the central villains in my HS game club game are going to be a band of cultists worshiping an evil snake god.  I've been painting up the various Reaper Bones cultists to represent this group.  This info is unknown to the players yet, so I had a yelp of excitement and joy when I was reading the kid's PC backgrounds last night.  One of the PCs listed her estranged mother's profession as a "cultist".  Perfect tie in to the villain - but then I had a sad face when I realized this PC is a gnome, and thus her mother would be a gnome, too. 

      So now I am on a quest to find a decent mini to represent a gnome (or halfling) cultist. 

      Any suggestions? 
    • By Arc 724
      I'm thinking of purchasing a Hot Glue Gun and wanted to know if anyone had recommendations and why you like a particular one. 
      Thank you!
    • By Peithetairos
      Just finished a short article for DaggerAndBrush showing you a selection of tools that will come in very handy for pretty much any terrain project. I keep it simple and recommend a number of tools for cutting and measuring; painting, sculpting and engraving; and tools that are nice to have, but not essential.
      So if you just started making terrain or intend to make some this may come in handy.
      The right tool for the job

    • By Kangaroorex
      Might have some time to kill in Portland this afternoon. Can anyone recommend any game stores with broad selection and interesting stuff?
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