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Bought an Ottlite folding fluorescent lamp on clearance sale at Canadian Tire, and it's DOA.


Both the lamp *and* the bulb are non-functional. I know the bulb is dead because I have another Ottlite with the same bulb and I get no results from switching the bulb around or trying the old one in the new lamp. I think it's one of the very old Ottlite models, or exclusive store models, as I can't even find it on their site.


Won't be able to return it for at least a week.


Guess that's reason enough for me to switch to LED lamps.

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I admit that I previously had avoided this thread, BUT, after a few visits, I think it is a fine way of keeping up with new things on the market.

SO this what I got from Reaper the other day; Witches, Pirates, a Sorceress, & a couple of Thugs with a free bottle of that Orange Metallic:



Cadwalon & maybe Pummeler will be part of the Rodentia Sisters' (the two Vermina miniatures) Rat Pack.

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...later the same day, I received an order from Hobby Lobby...I love dealing with these Folk. 

These are a few different types of head pins:



The pins proper are used for my smaller mushrooms. The heads proper are used for decorations on buildings & such, or, in the case of the flat heads, as rivets.

From what I can see from the opinionated adherents of the two genres, large numbers of gears indicates Steampunk, while large numbers of rivets is Victorian SciFi.

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On 9/27/2018 at 8:48 AM, EldritchEladrin said:

Dreams of pumpkin golems

Do you want to build a snowman?


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As happens from time to time I went looking for a sale.  Rather than minis though, I was looking for games.  Playing Village Attacks made me realize how few games I have just lying around so I decided to work on that - just not at retail prices. At one time I was picking up a new gaming book to read every month but that kind of ended with my old gaming group.  So I picked up something to read as well. 


In the end the box that arrived weighed 37lbs.


AEG Black Box 2016 - I guess when these are issued you don't know what's in them, but by now everybody knows it's a card game called Phase.  The box has a huge dent in it but everything else in my package looks fine so I wonder if it didn't happen prior to shipping.  Anyways, a card game without having to worry about the CCG side of things.



The Dark Crystal - I have a coworker that I believe will get a kick out of this, so I got it as an early present.  The coworkers aren't worth full price, but $10 is fine for an office gift.

B-Sieged (Core Game) - A CMON game; I'm not sure what kind of sign I should take the deep discount as.  But I like castle defense so I'll give it a try.  Of course I don't get the KS exclusives they throw in, but I didn't pay for them either.



Primeval Thule Campaign Setting Game Sys: 13th Age Roleplaying (HC) - The first of my reading material.  I didn't go in for the KS and didn't read any reviews so we'll see if this is money well spent.



Zombie 15' - It seems like a bit of a gimmick but I'll give it a try.



Doomtown Reloaded ECG: Core Game - Another potential gift, but maybe not.  If not it is mine.



Drakerys: Sceneries Set A Accessory Box - I did not get any accessories when I backed the KS, but I don't really have much tabletop wargaming scenery either.  Now I have a bit more






Infinity (#710): JSA Sectorial Army Pack - I never play Infinity but I like the minis.  It looks like the pack comes with an "exclusive," which seems to be the usual practice.




Pathfinder RPG: (Flip-Mat) Sunken City - Someday I may need such mats again.



Polaris RPG: Core Rulebooks, 2-Book Set - A French RPG translated into English.  I guess it's from the people who take care of Piazo's French distribution so Piazo is selling the English edition of their game. It was up for some Ennies last year so there should be something worthwhile here.  More reading material.



Warlord: Guardian Beast - OK, I got some mins.


Warlord: Skadi, Goddess Of The Dwarves


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4 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

My fallout preorder finally arrived, a season after I expected. 


It is not bad, though some parts really needed to be thicker. 

I’ve been waiting for the Fallout stuff to hit local retail. Still waiting.


And I Received the replacement 2018 Reapercon paint triad today.


Thanks Reaper!

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  Have finally completed a quest...


 I now have all the current Jack Reacher books by Lee Child in the same paperback format (and without that idiot Tom Cruise's picture on them).


 Although I'd previously read all of them and owned copies of all of them, the second book, Die Trying, was an earlier printing that had the original cover, before they switched to the more standardized look of the spines.



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