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1 hour ago, EldritchEladrin said:

A couple new minis arrived today!:bday:



03001 - Phoenix


I've always liked that particular sculpt. One of these days I'll get paint on the one I have......



Acquired before game night last night at the FLGS:


Metal Dice Games:


White Marble with blue numbers:


Stock picture but huge (oddly not metal)


Being a Chessex user, they really caught my eye when they were in stock at the store. Went to buy em & they were sold, so owner order a set for me.


Nolzur's minis


female teifling warlocks




(Love the displacer cloak!!)


Male tiefling Warlocks



Male elf cleric



14 hours ago, EvilJames said:

I also some evil treants  

In non miniature related acquisitions I acquired Jeff Easley's signature on my 2nd edition monster manual. The best part though was that Jeff Butler was sitting next to him. I had gotten Jeff Butler's signature on the same book at Wizard World the year before, he drew a little dragon head with his name. When Jeff Easley opened up my book to sign it, he turned to Jeff Butler and said "The gauntlet has been thrown." and then drew a bigger dragon head in which to put his name under.


Curious on the evil treants.


Awesome story in regards to the artists. At a ReaperCon I got Izzy aka "Talin"  to sign my Bones artbook & I've known Izzy for well over 15 years now but even now she can surprise.  When I got back to my game table & opened the book up she drew a goblin in platemail, along with her signature. Thanks Izzy!!!

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Amazon order arrived tonight:


Yellow piping to spruce up the 3d printer. It goes in the channels on the frames. Just don't forget to not put it in the ones the rollers use. :poke:


3mm glass printer bed. I'm not sure what happened but I cleaned off the stock bed with isopropyl alcohol like it's recommended but now nothing sticks to the bed. I wanted a glass bed so I guess it was upgrade time. I still wanna know why it wasn't sticking. 

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Todays aquisition...



3 boxes of cookies. The topmost is chocolate chip, the two at the bottom contains Crispbread with dill and onion.  

My old boss(retired) dropped them off at the office while I was out yesterday. 

(He's selling cookies on behalf of the office Bowling team)




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So I popped into my local Hobby/Game shop today, fully intending to just pick up a couple of the Wizkids unpainted minis. They didn't have any :(


Unfortunately, they had just gotten a massive order of Bones in. £80 later.....





This included


77097 Grave Wraith

77029 Silverhorn, Unicorn

77321 Giant Cobra

77305 Gelatinous Cube

77341 Lions(2)

77161 Ghost King

77070 Aviriel, Female Elf

77114 Faceless Horror

77041 Harpy

77281 Succubus

77327 Hellcat

77103 Nor'okk, Ettin

77021 Lindir, Elf Archer

77492 Behir

77557 Kyra & Lavarath

77337 Giant Scorpion

77328 Cinder

99-011 50mm Round Base x2


There goes the hobby budget!  Looks like my order to Green Stuff World has been put on hold again :blink:



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Treated myself to ordering a Ferengi starship last week. Came in yesterday...and the box also contained a random Luke Cage clix. Pretty nice paint job on him too, I may only redo his clothes.

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Finally got these today.

Headband Magnifier with LED Light, SOONHUA Head-Mounted Magnifier Handsfree Reading Magnifying Glasses for Close Work, Jeweler's Loupe Glasses (1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X) 5 Replaceable Lenses

Only tried them out for a half hour but like them so far.

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How are they fitting? I have a small head, but mine tend to give me a headache from pressure on the sides of my forehead or on the bridge of my nose. 

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I'm using the headband because I also have glasses. They don't squeeze my head but the nose piece digs in a bit. Slightly broken nose makes it a bit awkward. I'll need to wear it a lot more before I can say how comfortable it is. So far it's good. I like that I can see around the lenses without taking them off too. Means I can grab paints off the rack without taking them off to see long range.

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Acquired -


An 18x24 cutting mat for my new hobby space, to replace the 9x12 one I bought for taking model kits to work back when I had a desk job.


A surge protector with a 10 foot cord.


The shipping notice for my new MDF 6-tier paint rack(flat shelf style for my P3 and Minitaire paints) and a small MDF brush rack, both from Ironheart Artisans. Complimenting my 6-tier corner rack and my 72-bottle inverted dropper rack, also from Ironheart Artisans.


My new hobby area is both almost fully setup and rapidly losing work space to such trivial things as "lighting" and "organization." Now I need to buy another architect lamp, this time with a clamp rather than a solid base, and I think I'll be good to go. I think...


If I didn't insist on having my spray booth on the table and deployed at all times, I'd regain a full 1/3 of the desk back, but by having it there I'm ensuring that I always have space for it when it's needed.

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1 hour ago, SamuraiJack said:

Mierce is trying to tempt me again




And so you’re trying to deflect that temptation upon one of us?


Eeeviiillll Enaaabler!!! Hissssss!!!!111!11!

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