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Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.

I have acquired US citizenship!

Acquired a house.    

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Reaper order is in; had one faulty blister - not really surprising, considering how fraggin' COLD it is - and, thankfully, so far no faulty paints.

Which is to say, I completed a couple of triads, picked up a bottle of Palamino Gold and grabbed a whole bunch of random minis.


I am apparently a Good Thorne; I got an ornament in my stocking. ^^;

... and, tomorrow, I will order myself a bunch more minis and get a cat dragon. Maybe get TWO cat-dragons. >.>

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8 hours ago, Cyradis said:

Sooo.... what's everyone lining up for Cat Dragon Day (aka Caturday)? 


Trying to do it in a way I don’t get murdered by my husband. Not working yet and our change to an HSA has us paying $1000 out of pocket per month for my meds. Husband is flipping out a bit. I knew this was coming. He seems to be moving onto acceptance but I really need to stay in my budget this month. No oops. (I did it again.)

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2 hours ago, Smokestack said:

I placed my order at 8:30ish AM eastern time on Monday 11/27. I got a notice on Wednesday 12/06 stating estimated delivery on 12/09.


I placed mine the evening of the 28th and have yet to get a notice. Still, I have some hope that the notice will come soon. Not much in the way of an expectation, but some hope.



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A month or so ao I found something on the Bay of E...  

"A4 Transparent storage box"

(For the Americans out there; A4 is a paper format)




They arrived yestarday, but I didn't bother to unpack them until today.


They're cheap-ish, reasonably compact, and can hold flat stuff.

I'll be using them for storing ABS Plasticard, thin metal foil and other flat stuff.

One will be divided up using foamcore and used to hold all my Basius stamps.

Another will hold my sculpting tools. 

(I only use them when fixing minis before priming, so once in a blue moon or so)


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"Caturday" order in! 


01597: Nick, Christmas Rogue $6.99 x1
01579: Sir Ulther, Christmas Knight $9.99 x1
77053: Zombies (3) $5.49 x1
02653: Slipshadow, Thief $4.99 x1
02134: Lianna Vampiress $4.99 x1
03839: Vampire Lord $6.99 x1
03668: Tiger $5.99 x1

Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Ametrine Earthlyte
Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Cat Dragon!


I'm not sure if this will be my only order this month or  not. We shall see. 

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@Chaoswolf, @Unruly, @chaosscorpion, and anyone else who picked up the Warmahordes Black Friday army boxes and is new to the game: the statcards and quickstart rules included are, like the box configurations, for the Mark II version of the game. MkII was a good game, and if you want to try playing with those rules you will have a good time, but you'll want to get the MkIII cards and rules if you think you will play with the wider world.


Luckily, MkIII is a much improved ruleset, and is available for free download at the PrivPress website...as are the cards. And, for the most part, the armies in these boxes are still viable, evenly-matched starter armies (there is now a bit of point-value inequality, but should still be pretty close).


I'm not surprised by this, it explains why the boxes were so cheap since they are clearly just overstock from MkII, bit I hadn't realised the printed material from mkII would be included, too. (and, for the sake of this thread, I obviously was able to open mine today!)

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Thanks for the heads-up!


10 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


how early did you order? I'm wondering how far out i am from all that. I can't wait for my giant eagle!

I ordered at approximately 11:30pm on November 27.

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Just ordered 3 Citadel painting handles and a copy of the 4e version of Gamma World(I guess it's actually Gamma World 7th Edition, but it's 4e D&D rules) from the War Store. Say what you will about 4e D&D, Gamma World should have a different feel and I'm hoping that the 4e rules actually kind of works with it. I remember reading a decent review of it over at Penny Arcade back when it was still new.


I also ordered Batman Fluxx, Exploding Kittens NSFW edition, Redwall, and The Colour of Magic from Amazon.

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So, @Nissiana and I have a gig coming up...the Carnegie Museum of Art has a program for adults-only evenings at the museum. December will see a Star Wars themed-event, with an astronomically-themed gallery, a costume contest, and the like. Most importantly, the two of us will, in 30-40 minute segments, run a lightsaber training masterclass. The students, being simply padawans (and Sith apprentices, I'm sure), will be supplied with foam lightsaber mockups. But we, as the masters, well...



From Ultrasaber. It doesn't have any of the sound effects, but that just means I get to make my own, which is more fun anyway. And if we ever put up a filmed duel, we'd want to add sound in post. Nissiana's is a staff/two short sabers, with purple and teal blades, which seems fairly appropriate to these forums.

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order placed at Reaper for cat dragon and a few minis i've been wanting. I can't get high enough to get a stocking, but ah well


77542: Marthrangul, Great Dragon  x1
80075: Camel w/ Pack  x2
89037: Quinn, Iconic Investigator x1
77586: Avatar of Rage (Hippo)  x1

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