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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.

I have acquired US citizenship!

Acquired a house.    

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17 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:



Ditto. I got my very first order and it shipped and arrived. That one was placed at like 1am on Black Friday. Wish I had done everything then. Nothing else on notifications since. 

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Christmas card from @knarthex arrived! That's an excellent snow-C'thulhu :winkthumbs: 


I am in need of a run to the FedEx store to ship off a bunch of stuff - gotta send the Secret Sophie figure, and a figure to Knarthex, and some other goodies. So much to do!! 

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Received recently from @Erifnogard... hadn't gotten around to posting:


Thank you!


Received today:


From @knarthex




My first thought on seeing the purple kitty was @OneBoot, and the rest of the card just cemented that Knarthex was being somehow controlled by her when sending this! ::D:


And, finally, the Reaper order:



And I was Nice:


The red ones are cinnamon.


Also: ReaperRon admitted on FaceBook that the "coal" they're sending out are erasers.

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My mother also hasn't gotten notified. She was asking me about it today. 


Might be annoying, but this is still better than Figone (by a longshot). And better than Halloween at Hasslefree (still no word on what happened to my package). 

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3 hours ago, Aryanun said:

Also: ReaperRon admitted on FaceBook that the "coal" they're sending out are erasers.


Well, boo. I was hoping for some free fuel. Especially if it was anthracite and not bituminous. I'd get me a miniature forge going...

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