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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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I went to my FLGS to use my gift certificate, and they have Bones there now!


I picked up Marthrangul, some Bonesylvanians, assorted Bones that just caught my eye, and the Wizkids mimics. I looked for one of those Wizkids beholders and was disappointed that they didn't have any, until I left the store, and my best friend handed one to me. He'd grabbed their last one and bought it for me before I even saw it  :wub:

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As the celebratory explosions fade into silence, the Figmentius demands I ring in the new year with a gut punch to the wallet! Hence the following,

77464 Werewolf (to befriend my other bones werewolf)

77470 Elthin Bluesteel, Gunslinger( in the name of Gilead that Was)

77470 King Axehelm of Kragmar (To lead the Coffee Dwarves to Glory)

77478 Klaus Copperthumb Dwarf Thief 

77480 Durok Dwarf Ranger

77481 Gwyddis Dwarf Valkyrie

77482 Hagar Dwarf Hero (to reinforce the existing Coffee Dwarves)

77484 Mrs. Bones

77485 Mr. Bones and Buzzy (to add to the two Mr. Bones sculpts I already have, in a few years they'll be yet another warband!)

77491 Sophie the Sage (to guard my library)

09061 Linen White (almost out )

77399 Sigurd, Viking ( like pirates, vikings never go out of style)

91003 Texas Ranger Male ( to accompany the female Ranger I got in the stocking)

77292 Giant Wererat 

77293 Wererat Berseker ( now all I need is the Matriarch )

free Dungeon Dweller Rictus the Undying ! 

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4 hours ago, Erifnogard said:

Got my postcard for supporting the Miss Fisher Mysteries movie on Kickstarter.


There was a kickstarter for a Miss Fisher movie?!? ::o:


Dad and I are fans of the tv show. Wish I knew about the kickstarter when it was live.

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19 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

There was a kickstarter for a Miss Fisher movie?!? ::o:


Dad and I are fans of the tv show. Wish I knew about the kickstarter when it was live.

Well if it makes you feel any better, none of the reward levels included the actual movie.  This was a pure funding drive where any backers were putting in money purely to see the movie made.  So those that backed and those that didn't will get to see it at the same time! 

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On 12/31/2017 at 3:40 PM, SamuraiJack said:

Finally ordered and received my large map from the Worldspinner KS.. looks good (pics later)


Ooh, I want to see how it looks.


I backed it, and I've been nothing but disappointed with it. They severely over-promised things, like just how much control you'd have over the mapping process and how much you could change the maps after the geography had been created by the software. Every time I've tried to make a map, the geography looks terrible, with it being either a Pangea type situation, where you've just got one giant continent and a few island chains, or a cluster of 3-4 large continents that have, at most, a body of water that's about the size of the Mediterranean Sea separating each one from the other. I've not been able to get one that suits me because of that.


And that doesn't even touch on how the population generation/political stuff goes. Not to mention how they tried to screw backers by not telling them through a kickstarter update that it was out of beta and had gone live in full, but still activating their accounts. When I got mad about it, they said that they announced the live status on their forums rather than as a kickstarter update because they thought everyone was reading their forums regularly...

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One KS I backed the creators announced on their forum that they were considering changing the one specific mini that I had backed for, and were running a poll there. (I learned about it in the comments section on KS)

That was after the KS had funded.  

I kind of... went completely off in the comments section there and may have been slightly less polite than a Dock worker that has had something heavy drop on his toes... 

I still don't know how man non-backers voted in that poll, or what the result was.

Can't say I care, either.


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Had a few more things show up during the Christmas break I was on.


Fade from Mirico made it in.


Some human football team.




and this Battle for Zycanthus game I have no interest in but boy does it have a lot of minis and other parts.  I tried to pawn it off on Kevin since he is local but there was no interest in it like he had for The Others and Blood Rage.




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2 hours ago, Grayfax said:

A couple of days ago I received a cool card and some Stroopwaffels from across the ocean!

Much thanks, @Glitterwolf!!



*cough* *cough*

So hard on the throat, those "Aarrrooooos"!



You're welcome!

Don't forget to warm the waffles over a cup of hot beverage ( coffee, tea or cocoa) that way they taste the best.


On another note, my order from Poland arrived. ( Elysabetha from Karolrudykart)




vampire Karolrudykart.jpg

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17 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:


in other news, COOKIES!

Stores are now beginning to dump Christmas cookies for half price...   


 I snagged a butter almond stollen for about half price last week. It was a seriously solid chunk of bread - the weight was listed as 1 lb. 10 oz.... My first thought upon picking it up was to immediately have a strong desire to chuck it at somebody's head to see if I could knock them out, lol... ::D:


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I had some store credit so ordered the Obsidian Crypt to use for 40k, Demon Lord of the Undead (eventually going to see if I can make it work as a demon of Nurgle on my home table), Janan Female Dragon Slayer (for poops and giggles), and the freebie Rictus the Undying.

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