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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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8 hours ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

New Acquisitions:

On bookfarce, Black Crow said they only had 5 copies left of Uther the other day and I’ve been wanting him for a while. 


And he's sold out now. Hopefully they do the smaller version. I had been eyeing him too and already know what I want to do with him. Sadly my extra funds right now went to the witch so I was not able to get him.

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Placed my September order:


For the rainbow dragon challenge:

09726 Ocean Colors Triad
09788 Pastel Colors Triad

77110 Deathsleet

(I was going to order the Ocean Colors triad anyway...)


I don't know how large Deathsleet's footprint is: (And I'll use them eventually anyway)
74036 2" Round Plastic RPG Base (10)
74037 3" Round Plastic RPG Base (10)


I can't have enough tans:

29826 HD Desert Tan
29827 HD Griffon Tan

Maybe it's mauve: (for painting a Faceless Horror and future illi... Bathalians)

09425 Icy Violet


77429 Orc Grunt
77430 Orc Slayer (Axe & Shield)
77431 Orc Chopper (2H Axe)
77432 Orc Slicer (Scimitar & Shield)

From my wishlist:

02293 Mia of the Blade
02981 Lonnia, Female Duelist

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Shadowforge's website has  been replaced with a generic 'site disabled' message...   

It may be just an accident, or...   


Anyways, I just ordered the minis I wanted from one of their resellers.

(Mostly from their Manga/toon series. They have a great Marilyn Monroe mini... Ordered 2 of that one)

Going to snag the .jpgs as soon as I get home tonight.

(I download pictures of all the minis I buy, just in case. And for inspiration, of course)

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Before I forget, I got a few things earlier this week, below is what is from the open FLGS in the Big City:






-Changeling Pink

-Terminatus Stone

-Astorath Red

-Balor Brown

-Armageddon Dust

-Eldar Flesh

-Lucius Lilac

-Chronus Blue

-Golgfag Brown


-77114 Faceless Horror


-Colors of War German Infantry and also Afrika Corps Paint Set (see below for description)




When I had headed into the city I was going to the FLGS that was still open, when I noticed that the my friend's store that had recently closed had its door open. When I looked in I saw that inventory was still being sold, but I recognized none of the people running it. It seems that these were the property owners, and they were selling off the inventory to recoup some of the debts. I managed to pick up the paints sets in the previous pic as well as these books, still sad to see this happen to a good friend.


-Faiths of Ebberon




-Heroes of the Streets

-Black Markets

-People of the Stars

-Council of Thieves 2: The Sixfold Trial

-Shattered Star 2: Curse of the Lady's Light

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Warpaints off ebay came today! Day earlier then what was predicted. I'll consider that a bonus when I use them again in the future!!


Also anther ebay item came as well: Paizo  Pathfinder Map Pack: Starship Chambers. Will be used for the Starfinder game I may or may not run.


Also I got tired of waiting on Amazon to deliver some Starfinder items (Core book pawns & the new Adventure Path for Starfinder Book 1). It's been delayed 3 times already! I need starship minis for the adventure so I ended up ordering 4 Star Wars Battles minis from Troll & Toad this afternoon. I tried to get 4 uncommon/unknown ship types.


SoroSuub Patrol Fighter #24

CloakShape Fighter #46

Techno Union Starfighter #53

Scarab Droid Starfighter #52


Nice that they were all around 1.10, bonus too, as they are all on a hex shape base.


Also after I cancelled that Amazon order I put in one for the Starfinder Combat Pad (needed to replace my Pathfinder one, it went missing over ReaperCon a couple of years ago) & Starfinder basic terrain flip map. These will be here by Monday.

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just bought heinrich kemlar and krel for my undead army. and to celebrate the release of total war warhammer 2(i get to finally play as my long beloved dark elves(i have had a tabletop army for almost as long as an undead army.)


Massive Darkness kickstarter arrived a few weeks ago and am planning to paint the female cyclops as an undead giant cyclops. and the trogaladites as a type of undead force maybe a reptasauruses also since i got 2 boxes of both.


also a few months ago i ordered a all in one cygnar army along with the new player starter sets for hordes and warmachine. along with a stormwall colossal. still working on putting that army together. 

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Got my four potential Vallejo replacements for Oiled Leather:- Scrofulous Brown, Mahogany Brown, Ochre Brown and Parasite Brown.

Parasite Brown is the closest match, but still not close enough. So, as I thought, I will need a bottle of Oiled Leather to finish stuff off.


Going to wait an see if the Reapercon minis are available on-line first though, need a Sea Witch Sophie.

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I just acquired a Super NES Classic! I got lucky, because everywhere but my local Walmart was sold out, including the 2 bigger Walmarts and the Best Buy in the town I work in. There were 6 left after my purchase. 


I haven't opened it yet to play anything though, because I'm willing to be an awesome uncle and give up a prized acquisition so that my eldest nephew can get it for Christmas. I just need to hear from my sister on the matter first.


Edit: Just heard from my sister. She wants one for my nephew, but she doesn't want to take mine and is willing to wait for a restock. I even offered to go back to the Walmart I bought mine at to buy another if they still had any, but they had just sold the last one when she called.

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