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14 minutes ago, Citrine said:

Bring nearsighted rocks for mini painting, I just take my glasses off.  I can see the mini just fine holding it close, but the wet palette is awfully blurry.

Rocks have eyes??????  and telepathy???? ::D:

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Bought some "Sweet Heat" Starburst candies. New they says. Fiery watermelon, flamin' orange, Strawberry mango, and pipin' pineapple. They did have a little burn to them, but not even a half jalapeño's worth. Good really, but scheduled to be souvenirs in a bit more than a week.


They also had Sweet Heat Skittles, but didn't get them.

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Had some Warheads branded gummy worms called "Hot Heads" that were supposed to be like that a while back. It was like someone threw a tablespoon of cayenne pepper into a batch of syrup that was meant to fill about 5 of the little baggies. You could tell it was there, but that was about it. And you could tell that it was just cayenne pepper by the taste, too.


They were in the discount bin for about a quarter per bag, and it was for good reason. They weren't even decent gummy worms.

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Went to the CBA Tag Sale on the Green yesterday.  Not too much there vaught my eye, but I did end up buying a box of rocks.  15ish foam latex rocks that should make decent wargaming terrain.  They were supposed to be sold with a box of foam bricks.  I think they were intwnded aa kid safe toys or something.  Not that I think traing kids to throw bricks and rocks at each other is a good idea.  Still 5 bucks for half a table of terrain ain't bad.

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A few orders arrived today. After hearing that I would be able to go to RC this year I started ordering!


Noble Knight

Legendary Encounters: "Small" Raft. This is a prepainted Hirst Arts piece.


x2  77437 winter wolves. I'm not sure if I'll use these, they are bigger then I remember. Had one in metal long ago but it went into the melt bucket for RCon.


Pippd off ebay (oddly out of Denton, TX ::D: )



14171: Gadrun, Necropolis Sergeant

Just using the horse. (Really wish I would have kept my old Warhammer plastic ones now!!)



77577: Manticore



Reaper 03053: Ibycus, Satyr



03361: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen


Thought I had this one already, but I only had the Bones version. No way I'll paint a Werner Klocke sculpt in Bones, just can't do it!!


2 inch plastic square bases:

No picture needed here. These are just the ones with the lip on them. Oculus, I got last month came with a 1 inch base (Wth?), so I it needed a upgrade.


Finally, picked up a bottle of MSP HD 29844 Blue Flame 29844_w_1.jpg.


It'll be used for a skintone.


Also Saturday I received a Giant Celestial Owl prepainted mini from the D&D Unhallowed set.




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2 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

I bought a book and some dice.


Totally understand why I bought the book, don't know why I bought the dice, but I did.


Nice color thou. I'm still debating on what set I wanna pick up before ReaperCon. Why I have to buy a new set each year I have no idea.

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53 minutes ago, haldir said:


Nice color thou. I'm still debating on what set I wanna pick up before ReaperCon. Why I have to buy a new set each year I have no idea.


Pick one, or many... 

- all of your current sets have failed you, your friends, your party members, or maybe a loved one.  Or maybe many of these. 

- your current sets are "too hot" because you've been able to regularly save when something should have seriously injured or killed your character, and your DM thinks your dice are loaded

- said dice are "banned" by your DM because while they roll well for you, they hate the DM and refuse to roll well for them

- this one is a different shade of (insert colour here),  and you like it more than your current ones 

- you don't have any dice in (insert colour here) 

- Pokémon syndrome (gotta collect em all!) 

- there are new players at your table, and you don't want them ruining/corrupting/bringing problems to your current sets - or you're feeling nice and you don't want to give the newbie a set of dice that ha e been "cold" the past few sessions (aka rolling poorly)

- because tradition

- you're feeling guilty you haven't brought any new friends to your current dice

- your current sets mysteriously found a safe spot to hide in, either by your hand, the dog/ferret/pet's hand, or perhaps a loved one that was slighted by your dice.   Naturally the old dice will be found once the return window expires on the new dice

- your loved ones pilfered some of your stock of dice for their own collection 

- your ferret stole one or several of the dice and they don't roll properly now due to teeth marks. 

- your dog stole them, and slobbered all over them and you don't feel like cleaning them this second because the DM has politely offered to roll your save for you since the dice are slobber coated



That's just a few, hope it helps ^_^

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Today I almost bought more Dinosaurs.

But I was sensible and responsible and didn't



Schleich Dimetrodon to be repainted for my Lost World.



This is no Dinosaur! This is a Synapsid and was already extinct when the Dinosaurs arrived.




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