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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Was going through my photos and don’t think I posted this. Latest vending machine gifts from across the Pacific. Two fun tanks, a truck with canvas cover, then a slew of animals with either an overbite or asleep. Except for the monkey puking bananas, which I believe is a joke on a famous statue.



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Finally decided to stop procrastinating and replace my PVC Brewer and Mason Guild Ball teams with metal ones, before they got any more difficult and expensive to track down. 

(The PVC ones aren't that terrible, they're mostly on about the same level as the average Bones 1 mini, I'd just rather have the much nicer metal ones).


Tapper, Hooper, Friday and Honour, Harmony, Mallet were easy and cheap enough to buy (I suspect there must still be hundreds of these original starter sets gathering dust on game store shelves).

But Scum, Spigot, Stave, Brick, Flint, and Marbles  all had to be purchased from the good ol' US of A, incurring horrifying Ebay postage charges (still cheaper than buying them over here though).

On the bright side I brought Scum and Spigot in a bundle with the Sing When You're Winning set for the price others were charging for just Scum and Spigot so I got 6 minis free! (That's how I'm looking at it anyways, it eases the pain).

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11 hours ago, Crowley said:

Well... Probably best to just write off NYC. No monster could do it, but this... Infection.




Say goodbye to the blighted city...




They've arrived @malefactus... Your spores will now do their worst...


We're all doomed!


OH BABY! YOU GOT THEM!...that about says it all.

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I record the following as my wallet lays in the corner and weeps...


77084: Townsfolk Innkeeper (will be converted to Fred the Baker for the Dunkin Dwarves)

77591: Frost Giant King (will be made into a staute of Agamenthar the Coffee God)


02371 Nord KegBreaker 

77213 Thrain Grimthorn Dwarf Cleric

77220 Herryk Dwarf Cleric

77383 Barden Barrelstrap Dwarf Cleric

77417 Ivar Dwarf Preist

77413 Margara Dwarf Shaman

77571 Dwarf Forge Preistess

77575 Dwarf Mounted Battle Mage (a whole Synod of Bean Priests!)

77072 Bailey Silverbell

77073 Freya Fangbreaker

77461 Dwarf Brewer

77460 Dwarf Butcher

77572 Dwarf Master of the Hunt (I'm closing on my goal of acquiring all of the Bones Dwarves)


Now for some dead things!

77342 Zombies! (5) (noticed these were back in stock, been meaning to get them for awhile)

77558 Undying Lord of Death

77559 Undying Minotaur

77561 Undead Dwarf Fighter

77562 Undead Halfling Rogue

77563 Undead Elf Archer (cool sculpts and will add variety to my army of the undead)


77497 Gremlins (4) (In the back of my mind lurks a project, I don't know yet what it is but these are part of it)

77523 Cthulhu Shrine (eventually there will be a Mythos binge)

07006 Dungeon Dwellers Lanaerael Greyleaf x 2 (the hoarding continues...)

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All except 2 are made of Bones, and one of those was a Freebie, so I doubt it ws a mortal wound for your wallet. 


Now, my June order looked like this;

03903: The Dark Maiden
14106: Dark Maiden, Razig Solo
01442: Troll Slayer Sophie â
03886: Innkeeper Sophie
03873: Serena, Dreadmere Rogue
02403: Sister Candice 
03315: Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue
03336: Children of the Zodiac: Cancer
14542: Nasithe, Darkspawn
60034: Seoni, Original Version


And that little list got me 2x of 07006...  

(And free international shipping)


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I bought this as a utility object, for taking my ever growing list of RPG PDFs with me whenever I get a game going again. It is not a toy. Nope. Not at all. I most definitely won't be using it as a way to read all my digital comics in a more easily readable size, or for watching movies on the go, or anything like that...


It's a Fire HD 10. It was cheap to begin with, and then was put on sale for Father's Day. $130 total, and I'd been eyeing one for a couple years now. I've already sideloaded the Google Play Store onto it, and am in the process of installing all the Google apps so that I don't have to use Amazon's stuff. Particularly their crapsack web browser. Because no thanks.



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 Reacquired the dvd box sets of Seasons 1 & 2 of Miami Vice... $6 each.


Also acquired the original authorized paperback editions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King.


And a plastic figure of a Curt Cobain-ish-looking blonde grunge guitar player sitting cross-legged playing his guitar. It's about to scale with most of the Bones figures and the detail ain't terrible.

I think it was supposed to be a piece from some Trivial Pursuit edition since he's sitting on a black piece of plastic with space around the sides for wedges or something.



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