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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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3 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

I'm debating the (lack of) wisdom in acquiring a laser-cutter. Why? Because /I cannot find the Battletech stickers I want to put on the car/! (I want Timber Wolves. Nobody does Timber Wolves; the most prolific stickerer who does Battletech is hard into Ghost Bears...).



Silhouette vinyl cutter instead? Might be a tad cheaper.

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Free rpg Day acquisitions!

Phoenix Fire Games (Meridian, Idaho) policy was 1 per customer, or 2 per if you stayed & played games. My wife & daughter went so 1 for each of us. Granted it would have been easy to acquire everything that was on the table, but I played nice. Note: I showed up like 5 minutes after they opened & I didn't see the Ultra Pro D&D folio (1 per box) or the Chessex Free rpg day die (4 per box). I did see the Studio9 Midnight Legion adventure. Lamentations of the Flame Princess was behind the counter for obvious reasons. 



Starfinder Skitter Shot

Pathfinder We be 5upergoblins!



Viking Die (d20)  It's blue with orange numbers & markings. The 20 is a symbol. The entire 7 dice rpg set could have been made.


These were on the table next to the current selection.

Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start & Intro adventure (note this was also in this year's so they must have had a ton left over from previous, as there was 3 stacks to choose from!)


Frog God Games - Sword & Sorcery Hall of Bones.


Also bought these:


Army Painter

Goblin Green bottle

Matte White spray primer


I've never had a chance to use their primer. Looking forward to it. I had Bone Primer as I have Kaladrax V 1.0 that I've been meaning to paint up, but I opted for a more generic color to test out first. Also nice is the cans were 10.99 (+ ID tax), beats painting 14 to 15 + 10+ to ship online!


Overall I had a nice experience & I'll probably do it again next year, Also Phx Fire Games is a pretty nice game store. Last time I was in there they were in a different, smaller location that seemed mostly focused on ccgs & some rpgs. 


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I snagged a few more paints during the CMPA meet-up today. Palomino Gold, Buckskin Gold, the Ivory triad, and Vallejo Turquoise. 


Oh yeah, and a new laptop power cord and battery. Mine were running on fumes. Now they're okay. Long live Fatty the Laptop! 

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We opted out of Free RPG Day to instead game today (typically a Sunday group, but switched to Saturday due to Father's Day).


Cabela's had a sale on Plano style trays. My order showed up today. Lots of trays.

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June tithe to Reaper:


03885: Dreadmere Ranger $7.99 x1
03881: Alec, Young Mage $7.29 x1
03879: Gon'Tarr, Orc Shaman $8.29 x1
80065: Occult Investigator: Physician $2.79 x1
80066: Psychologist $2.79 x1
80067: Max Graves, Pulp Era Investigator $2.79 x1
80063: Ship Hand $2.79 x1
03882: Blighted Dryad $6.99 x1

Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Lanaerel Grayleaf, Elf Ranger 

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Free RPG Day yielded a considerable haul: Starfinder, Pathfinder, Lamentations of the Flame Princess and her Magic Chicken, Kids On Bikes, DCC, COC, Delta Green, the D&D folio offering, and the commemorative die. Found a new game shop that I had never visited, and need to visit more often; they gots good stuff. Replaced my copy of Space: 1889 and Dragon Lords of Melnibone, found a gorgeous copy of the Spiderwick Field Guide for less than Amazon wants for it, and a great many heavily discounted treasures. The only bump was some rather confused counter people at the place we stopped for lunch.

These commemorative dice are starting to stack up.



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 I acquired a new desk from the Goodwill for $13...


It's sort of a basic institutional library workstation/college dorm kind of thing - it has three drawers on the right side, and an upright back with one small shelf with a reading light underneath. Dilvish has identified the desk as the exact same thing they had at Sub School, so I imagine a lot of you probably know exactly what it looks like.

It's currently replacing the small drafting table I'd been using as a sort of sideboard to my main painting table, and the drafting table will eventually be "drafted" into use for holding a bunch of usb and cable stuff for my computer (power strip, modem, external hard drive, usb hub, etc.), which is currently sitting mostly on the floor in a tangle of cables... I'll just need to pick up some longer cables and/or short extension cords for some of the stuff before I can put that plan into action.


Also just now acquired the Toede, Lord Verminaard and Goldmoon figures from the TSR 5401 Dragonlance box set. I already had the Toede figure, but the three of them were part of a small lot of 6 figures, and it only cost me $20 after shipping, so it was worth it to snag them.


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Had to go into town today to fill out my timecard because I forgot to do it before I left work on Friday. While I was there I made an extra detour to the FLGS that I never get to go to because of both my work schedule and then not wanting to go into town much on my days off. I made a purchase and BSed with the guy for a while about gaming. I was pleasantly surprised to see that since I was last in there last year they have added a small selection of Reaper minis and Gunpla to their stock, but then disappointed by other things disappearing.



77628: Coral Golem

P3 paints - Battlefield Brown, Khador Red Base, Khador Red Highlight, Khardic Flesh, and Thornwood Green.


The Coral Golem had two price tags, an old one that showed $16.98, and one that covered it showing $8.99. If the first one wasn't a mistake, then they were really trying to apply their own in-shop GW pricing to it. I didn't really look at the rest of their minus to see if the one I picked up was a fluke, because it was just an unorganized bin, but I did see that they had the Dungeon Dwellers Goblin set in there. The Reaper stuff was mixed in with WizKids minis, both prepaints and unpainted, so I did do a quick scan for a beholder to no avail.


I also wanted to buy a Khador heavy warjack, but their Warmahordes selection was slim to none. Talking with the guy, I was told that the local scene kind of died off when the 3rd edition of the rules came out, so they haven't been ordering anything for it. Which shows, because they had almost nothing anymore where before they had almost the same shelf space for Warmahordes as they did for 40k. It's a shame, because that tells me the only wargame left in town is the grimdark future of war in a 4 hour long game of 40k.

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