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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Aquired a new folding bike... with aluminium frame, 20" rims, disc brakes and 7 gears,

(My old junker had 14" rims, steel frame, cantilever brake made from stamped steel, and only one gear that was pretty much useless)


I also got a couple of hydration bladders(2L to carry in a backpack), a USB-C to HDMI adapter, and a USB-C to 'reversible micro USB' cable.

(I can now verify that my Gemini pocket computer is powerful enough to handle the video feed from a DJI drone)


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On 6/27/2018 at 5:54 PM, Sylverthorne said:


The DXRacer has done Mr. Thorne and I well.


As tempting as it was I spent less on a Helix which is an exclusive I guess at Staples.  Sat in it there at store and liked it.  Since I got mine home and built it has a few things that bother me but may just be me needing to get use to a chair that is sturdy and does not lean to the side. :)

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I acquired a pair of hedge clippers and a plastic storage tote that fits under my bed and holds roughly 4 of my board games - 2 big box ones, 2 small box ones, and a small box expansion for one of the big box ones. I will need to acquire another. Possibly two, so I can use one as a dump bin for unpainted Bones from the kickstarters.

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Huh. Never noticed this thread before.


Here's the latest stuff I snagged.

The 90pc Fantasy Creatures set from SCS direct (one of each type represented on the pic), my first Nolzur minis (Yuan-Ti), a handful of Dragonstrike minis (those orcs kinda suck but the rest are quite nice), three Chinasaurs, three Polotoy knockoffs of Dragonstrike creatures and Rodan... and some big black knight whose source is unknown to me.Acquisitions.thumb.JPG.b5304214db1a45c843f5dca6a4ad2c80.JPG


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I have recently received some escapee's from the USA which managed to threaten their way across the border.


These slightly twisted fellows came from the also slightly twisted and off kilter mind of @malefactus.  You have seen the pictures on the forum but they do not do justice to the master piece these are.   The character these exude  when seen at scale and close at hand is just magnificent!   I am so happy to be able to put these in my display cabinet... I just love em!  :wub::wub::wub:


On the other hand


 I suspect the (unprepared) Canadian  custom people thought differently when they opened the package to discover what the strange images on their X ray machines where.


When they unwrapped the first one they were probably scarred of what the creature might do. 

It of course tried to be pleasant and negotiate its way into the country... as shown below..



The custom people probably reacted like this fellows compatriot




But do not fear the Schroom had backup in the package, who also tried to calm things down by being nice to the customs people

(see the nice smiles and waves)



But where prepared to fight their way out if needed!




Then they found a third "friendly" group of mushrooms hiding in the package



and at this point the customs people...

fearing for their sanity... 

resealed the box so they could not escape and sent  them on their way


This is the story of how they arrived in my display cabinet.

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I am always afraid my Creatures will have a negative effect on our friendly international relationships...if we still have any.

I'm delighted you got the package AND liked what you found inside. Thanks for posting the pic, robinh!

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Since I last posted here I have acquired a couple of pieces of storage at an auction (random images from the internets, not the items sitting in my house):


Ethan Allen cherry dry sink




And an Ethan Allen Queen Anne end table




Neither of these are specifically for minis, but they will free up storage space elsewhere for minis.


Also, this little beauty arrived.  Sadly I'm not sure when I'll have time to work on it.  Really I should finish off minis I've already started before opening another...



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