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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

My Mastercrafted resin miniatures didn't arrive though, seller told me he send a second batch which also didn't make it!

So now we're going to try a third one, I  will pay a little more to include track and trace and then see what happens.

Strange, never had this happen twice in a row before.

(purple) Must be the same racoon that's hopefully painting my owlbear and enjoying the initial coffee supplies I ordered in early January, but it wanted warmer weather...? (/purple) 


(yeah, I've switched it to racoon because it seems sillier) 

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Decided that the encounter with the green dragon last night's D&D game, needs a nice set up. So I placed a order last night for the following:


Fat Dragon Dragonlock Ultimate: Tower of Terror set



Eventually I'll print out piece to build a big tower but for now I'll just go with the first floor & partial of the 2nd (as that is where the dragon is, along with the rogue & ranger who scaled the outer walls to take a peek. They almost got seen by Little Mr. Green.  :devil:


Since the floor/wall pieces take roughly 8 to 9 hrs a piece, they are being printed overnight.


I also picked up a sci fi piece 3d file as well.


Prospector Rover Vehicle: 3D Printable for 28mm Sci-Fi by Tabletop Games.


I thought it was interesting piece that I'll eventually print out when I have time.


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Nice experience with GW customer service. I ordered some plastic models for a friend's birthday (Skullcrushers) and the USPS decided they couldn't find my house. It's only been in the same place for 76 years.:rolleyes:


So I called GW customer service and they verified the package was tagged "return to sender", and Fedex'd me a new set which arrived on Thursday. On Friday the original package showed up; I guess my house "re-appeared". Anyway I called GW back on how to return the extra box and they told me to just keep it. My Chaos general friend is very pleased. My only concern now is having to face those troops on the table.

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Not mini related, but I did get my personalized License Plates today. Yes, it does reflect my lifelong hobby.


Also, on a downer, a Heroclix order arrived with the main Rare figure broken...rats.


But, I did get a surprise from a Forum friend, More than made up for the broken fig!

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14 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


If in stock, you get an email within a day or two that they're shipping it.

Perhaps you ordered something that was not in stock at the moment?

I would send them an email.


I have ordered from them before, never a problem and they usually reply to answers pretty quick.


Turns out everything I ordered was out of stock.  So much for the " Please note all items are available and in stock unless indicated as coming soon. " (bold theirs) line on their homepage.  At least I was in no rush for any of it.

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I got some things, picked up a few larger size paintbrushes (1 & 2) some basing materials, a nifty travel case and some grey spray primer. In a separate order I picked up the last of the reaper master series HD paints that I needed. Doesn't look like I will ever have arctic grey but I'm ok with this, really pleased to have managed to get as many as I did.


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On 2/17/2019 at 10:03 PM, Talae said:

Placed an order for 11 Bones paints and the free Bones Black Troll. I have resisted long enough.

This showed up today! Reaper is super fast! Even on a Monday holiday week.

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