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4 hours ago, Sibling said:

So once again someone has conveniently taken a photo of the exact same stuff that I got today and saved me the trouble ::D: (daughter claimed headphones, mini, and stickers but I held on to the paint, the mousemat and the dice)



Did you get red dice as well? ^_^ Hubby claimed one pack of the earbuds, my package had two. 


I'm also rather curious as to the colour that this sample dries into.  I should probably try it out at some point. 

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3 hours ago, kay13 said:


You could look for vinyl prints/cutouts?  (I know my sister does similar for me using her cricut machine) Then you could just iron onto a nice top for your sister.


I could use a heat transfer print and blow an ink cartridge in someone's printer...   

Or use my own Vinyl cutter, but...   


I like supporting the small guys online, so I don't really want to rip them off.

(I'll email them next week. Don't have time now)


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1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Did you get red dice as well? ^_^ Hubby claimed one pack of the earbuds, my package had two. 


Yup, exactly the same. Although we only got the one pack of red earbuds, no black ones. I have excesses of the black ones that I give to the other half, I prefer over the ear headphones myself.


The sample paint looks really interesting.

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35 minutes ago, 7Ninjasinatrenchcoat said:

Well, I'm also NOT painting it up as a redhead, just to spite a certain leprechaun.... :lol:

You certainly did attract a very unique demographic. 

I helped out at the Paizocon paint and take this year, the first I’ve attended since you left.

No leprechaun sightings, but I still made sure I had access to a quick exit should the need arise. ^_^

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I got some new dice from the Big River. No doubt they will betray me like all the others <_<




I also made my monthly tithe to Reaper




03264 Roderic and Glitter

09107 Brush on Sealer

09175 Swamp Green

44039 Rockmaw

44049 Stone Lurker

77308 Boar Demon

77316 Demon Lord of the Undead

77456 Ogre Guard

01031 Ghoulie Bag

44010 Dark Dwarf Pounder


I also got a bottle of Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, which I'm going to use on some fabulous Cherry Blossom mechs that I've had planned for a while ^_^


Edit: I thought I'd managed to use the one picture of the Reaper loot that DIDN'T have Loki encroaching on it, but there's his little nose near the bottom left of the photo :rolleyes:

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The Neko Galaxy order I mentioned some time ago finally came in.  I just glanced a them, but from what I saw the casts all looked good.


Soma Moon Ray








And Nancy





I also bought a new mattress, so I will pretend to be fiscally responsible for the rest of the month.  No more mini orders or kickstarters (unless something really awesome comes along).

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Got the Starfinder Icons Pack #1 today. I was a little leery about ordering it at $40 but found it on clearance for $22 shipped. The Icons Pack 2 had some poor painting on one of the figs, I mean BAD. So when I got this one I was very pleased to see that all the paint jobs looked very nice, much, much better than the Pack 2.

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