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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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2 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

Trying to decide if I want more inks like Warcolour or GSW Candy inks or these..



I say both!

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SO Cap'n John & I went off to distant Bee Cave ostensibly to hit Petsmart for Damnit Thee Cat AND to see if there were any Halloween Thingies at World Market.

Well...no Halloween decor, but I picked up a couple of aquatic Christmas ornaments That are smile/laugh inducing:



Whimsy is a way of life.

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While in Eindhoven for the Pasar Malam where i bought lots of cakes and dried fruits and such, we also visited a craft store.


The loot.



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In prep for my Extra Life games next Friday night/Saturday morning, placed some orders for some minis. Since I don't have any Locathah minis (plus not like there are official ones out there anyways), these will most likely be either Skum Pathfinder Battles minis or some Reaper Slithe Raiders I already own. 


"Shear" Adventure


Reaper - Warlord

#14631 Beastman Wood Cutter (will be the "Wendigoat" End-boss guy)


Pathfinder Battles:

Book of the Damned "Deadly Foes Dungeon Dressing" piece (this will represent the Book of Baphomet)


Too bad Reaper doesn't sell the Sheep from the Shepard/Sheep Nativity pack seperately. I would have gotten a few of those. Oddly, I did pick up some from the Boneyard at ReaperCon but I know I won't have enough (one encounter has like 15 possessed sheep in it.....:blink:).


EDIT: Well it appears Reaper does sell these as singles!!  Thou, at 3.99 a figure, I may just go with pennies for the sheep & then replace when there are dead sheep minis. There is a "Battering" Ram critter but I'll use Bombshell's Ram familiar for that one. ::D:)


"Locathah Rising" adventure


Gale Force 9 resin miniatures:

Gar Shatterkeel/Water priest:  He returns! Endboss


Reaper minis:

Bones: 77187 Tiik Champion (will be a Sahaughin Blademaster


Reaper Miniatures

Darkspawn Cultist & Minion 03438  (these will represent a couple of Kraken priest)



D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Ballista (trap!)



Sea Cat - Skull & Shackles #30  (rep Giant Sea lions)

Elf Ghost - Kingmaker #20 (Drowned assassin, all "Drowned" are a undead creature)

Elder Brykolakas x3 - Skull & Shackles #10 (Drowned Ascetic aka Monk)

Duppy - Skull & Shackles #47 (Drowned Master)

Water Myrmidon - Rage of Demons #19 (they may encounter these or not, depends on their reaction)

Draugr x2 - Ruins of Lastwall #5 (Drowned Blade, aka fighter) 

Other adventures


Reaper Miniatures -

Warlord- River Troll #14008



Xiloxoch, Naga #77511


Bones Black:

Dark Elf Female Warrior #44070

Dark Elf Elite #44074

Dark Elf Wizard 44073

Dark Elf Priestess #44071



D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Yuan-Ti Malisons



D&D Miniature,Yuan-ti Abomination - Storm King's Thunder #39

Cranium Rat Swarm - Waterdeep Dragon Heist #0 x2 (These will be gold coin swarms - Break out the Glitter!!)

Grasping Vine - Spell Effects #09 (There is a gnome druid who uses a vine cantrip, figured this is better then a d6 he puts on the table to represent the attack) 

Beholder Zombie - Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage #29


Warlord Games

25mm Round MDF Bases 30 Pieces (for the price & how many included I couldn't pass it up!)



Speckled - "Water" 16mm D6 Chessex Dice Block (12 Dice)  (needed to round out my order to get free shipping & I liked the color :B):)


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Picked up a few things myself...  I've heard various things about Molotow markers, and my local store happened to have them on sale...  Oh, and on display right by the checkout too...



^Picked up four colours: 010 Lobster, 092 Hazelnut Brown, 096 Mr. Green, and 145 Future Green, all with a 2mm tip.


Overkill?  Probably, but I wanted to give them a try either way ^_^

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First post in a while. My recent acquisitions have been 3 SD Gundam kits, all 3 of which are Romance of the Three Kingdoms themed versions of the Tallgeese. And some flocking.


And this little guy. Poor fella blanked on his evade rolls.



He's going on my hobby desk, where he will serve as some inspiration for battle damage and weathering to my Gundam models if I ever get around to trying that again. Otherwise, he just looks cool.


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Just acquired a wieght bench and weight set.  My dad was getting rid of his, so I made the 2 hour drive up there to pick it up.  I think it was a bargain at $30 worth of gas and 4ish hours on the road.  Plus I was able to visit for a bit.

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Got a Switch and accessories! I'm hoping this doesn't kill my productivity...more than it has. Minivember is near...


We got Breath of the Wild and the Banner Saga trilogy. Breath of the Wild is mainly for Husband but I may give it a go, it is so pretty! Banner Saga is neat for what I've played of it. Haven't quite gotten the controls down yet but I should over time.

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We decided to go get our weekly groceries shopping done in anther town when I got home from work today.i figured I'd stop in at the game store in that town. I needed some Nolzurs that I'll be using for PC pregens for Friday's "Shear" game.


I ended up getting the following:

Aasimar paladin (female) No wings will be the Death cleric

Halfling fighter (male) the one with the heavy armor & greatsword

Bugbear (male) great axe is Clancy, the barbarian

Githzerai (male) spellcaster will be the wizard

Elf druid (male) Eladrin druid.


I'll pick up the missing minos tomorrow at game night (human monk & yaun-ti trueblood bard).


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Totally went to Dollarama just to pick up rubber bands....



^Apparently "just a pack of rubber bands" included a variety of squares, hexagons, rubber bands, craft sticks, and four sheets of foamboard....  Plus a quick stopover at the nearby Home Depot to get some finishing nails (not in picture), since I couldn't find any at Dollarama....


I blame Dark Magic Craft Guy! ::P:

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 Just won an EvilBuy auction...  Paid $103 American dollars for a mini lot being offered by a Canadian seller...


It was listed as "Dungeons And Dragons Miniatures Lot, Basic Heroes Set Plus More, Ral Partha RP"


In addition to the RP 10-510 D&D Basic Heroes box set, the Heroes box also contains a "Plus More" of a full set of RP 10-523 Birthright: Abominations figures... ::D:

This currently leaves me with one complete copy of the Basic Heroes set, and another box that's got a couple of broken figures - so once I come across copies of those couple figures I'll have a complete set in box to keep, and a complete set in box to sell off.


 I also recently won auctions for two copies of the RP 10-519 Planescape Miniatures box set, one of them sealed, the other missing two figures. Both were at really decent prices, so, again, once I acquire the missing figures I'll be able to sell off a complete, sealed box of them.


Yay me. :bday:


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