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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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19 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

May have acquired a few SW Legion items at lunch from the lfgs. 20% off all minis and minis supplies today.


And a pic of said acquisitions.



I'd been eyeing the bases for a while but they are pricey for plastic bases. But 20% off so.

Grabbed the Imperial paint set.  Appear to be AP paints.  Most of the set is whites and greys, for some strange reason ::D:

It's not like I NEEDED paints, but now I have Stormtrooper Armor White...

And a couple of speeder bikes, cause speeder bikes are cool.

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8 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

(...)It was nice to see a variety of miniature enthusiasts there.

Just too bad the shop doesn’t carry Reaper. ::(:


I ended up picking up a few things that I felt would work well in both a fantasy and an old west setting.




- The tent and lean to.

- The campsite.

- The well.

- Stacks of firewood.

- Horse and hitching post.



I always love seeing fresh faces at the FLGS! Whether miniaturists or board gamers, it's good to actually see the evidence that these things aren't dying out. (Not that I'm actually worried about that, but I have my own little game group and sometimes the FLGS is empty enough that I feel like my group is the last bastion of the hobby.)


As for the new WizKids stuff, we picked up the well and the statue-on-a-fountain (as evidenced by my post a few days ago). Both are great terrain pieces.


I like the campfire-and-sittin'-log set, but I already have all of those pieces from other companies (except the log, but... It's a log), and I want six of the tent but don't really need more than one of the lean-to. I wish they'd packaged the tent with a campfire, or some baggage or a cot, and packed the lean-to with some trapper items, like a small snare-on-a-sapling or a bear trap.


Still, this is a really useful wave from WizKids. I didn't see the horse, the fact that it has no saddle is really great. All of these things together will make for some good encounters, either with combat or just RP for a session.

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While my shop's Wizkids Wave 10 was delayed untill Monday, I did take part in their 10% sale off existing mini stock:



Female half-orc barbarian

Female elf paladin

Phase spider x2

Male tiefling rogue


Plus I picked up a order that was there already


Chessex 12mm d6 cube



Goes with the set I picked up in Eugene earlier this year. 




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SO with the discussion on care & feeding of brushes, & I do love my brushes, I decided to spring for some Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer.

While I was placing my order the thought of the polymer clay mushrooms I watched being crafted on YouTube came, unbidden to mind. Ergo a couple of blocks of Sculpey, some sculpting picks, AND an Amaco Polymer Clay & Craft Oven rounded out the order:



It was a Martha Stewart moment. 

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20 minutes ago, Marvin said:

Amazon: "Buy 2 books, get 1 free!"






I seen that sale but again, I'm digital so I was eh. I would have liked the Art & Arcana book thou. Allot of memories in that one.


Cyber Monday purchases!!


Normal CM doesn't do anything for me but I took in a few sales


DnDBeyond's 19.99 all book sale, so I picked up the new Eberron "book". Even thou I have the guidebook, I wanted the "hardback" Some options in that book weren't open to me but now they are!! I think I'm gonna run the new Eberron AL adventures at my shop as well.


Oregon Duck Store

30% off a $50 dollar order


"20 years for the O" black, long sleeve tee


https://www.uoduckstore.com/TDS Product Images/Black Nike React Ctn 20 Year for O w Autzen O L S Tee_01.jpg


This looks better in person, the O & associated colors on the sleeve are a holographic color. I would have gotten it up during the Eugene trip but they didn't have my size at the stadium or Duck Store. I finally ordered!


Basic cotton green T with the Duck & O logo


https://www.uoduckstore.com/TDS Product Images/Kelly Cotton Basic w DTO Tee_1 (1).jpg


Basic T but I liked the logo (that & I needed the price to make 50 ha ha)


Oregon Ducks Fighting head logo decal


https://www.uoduckstore.com/TDS Product Images/Fighting Duck 1-Color 4 Decal Vinyl Transfer_Neon Green-1.jpg


For the new Chromebook coming tomorrow!! Lid is white so I went with the neon green style.


Nice thing is the price for the Duck order is basically buy the 20 for the O tee + shipping & get the green tee & sticker for free. Win win!!



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Black Friday week acquisitions:


Broken Toad:


Raphael 8404 - size 1     
Miniature Series MK3 paint brush - Size 1     
Miniature Series MK3 paint brush - Size 2     
Miniature Series MK3 paint brush - Size 0     
Fungus & Spore 50mm Gaming Bases     


Ignis Art Lesza:




Rise of Skywalker double sided poster:



Graphigut studios Helene






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I may have overdone it a bit for Black Friday, but this is a safe space, right?  :lol:


This is what I have received so far - but I have multiple incoming ...


Reaper BF order with Sophies and rose gold paint, an autographed paint pokeR I won on Twitch stream, a tiny porcelain palette, and some Warsenal Infinity bases:




BF haul from my FLGS - Yu Jing pack, Ragiks, and Ebonwrath:




Wrath of Kings BF/clearance stuff from Miniature Market:




And I got this Aristeia LE, but it was all busted up so I’m sending it back and getting a replacement:






I also have a bunch of Scale 75 stuff incoming, as well as even more infinity base toppers from Customeeple and Micro Art Studio, thanks to @WhiteWulfe and the fact that all of them had BF sales - I kind of got a sampling of each and Warsenal.

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Acquired before game night today! 


Nolzur's & Deep Cuts


I'll post pics on my break, currently waiting to punch on. Game ran late, I came in early just to wait (easier for me to wait at work, then go home, dump game stuff off, do other things, then head up here ..Gotta love snow...).


Pathfinder Deep Cuts: 

Pit Devil

Bone Golem

Male half-orc druid


Deep Cuts:




Large fire elemental 

Human warlock

Imp & quasit x2


Fun times!



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Got a nice bonus check from work, and what better way to spend it than buying some more minis and paint!


3971 ReaperCon Iconic: River Widows Gunner

3991 Halloween Sophie

3992 Biker Sophie

7023 Dungeon Dwllers: Ailene, Female Cleric

9228 Viper Green

9516 Alchemical Green

9519 Goblin Green

9524 Ice Devil Blue$



1641 2019 Ghost of Christmas Past   FREE

44011 Reaper Bones Black: Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut  FREE


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