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Today I received the minis I won on the Feb27th episode of ReaperLive.

They were the Living Statue “stone” and “metal” Bones Black minis.


I was a bit disappointed at how badly bent the spears were and how the dozen or so parts making up the two minis in each package are just banging around loose in the blister.

I’ve received a few Bones Black minis that were packed with a shape fitting plastic insert which I had thought all the Bones Black minis were supposed to be packaged with.



Have to say the Wizkids packaging makes their minis look like a quality product. 

Whether they are or not is another issue.

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Miniature Market order from their 80% off sale came today!


Eberron Alt cover (This cover is awesome. I've seen in person at the FLGS, but at home under my lights, very very nice.)

Avernus map by GF9 (kinda wish I would have picked up the Balder's Gate one, but figured the PCs are only in BG for 2 or 3 sessions)

8-Bit Space Invaders D6 x 6

Vallejo Decal Fix


Also I ordered a HDMI switch off of Aliexpress & it finally showed up today. (2 of 2 orders I did with Ali')


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Well, apparently I really wanted something "different" for buildings, because I found out that Global Evil Corp not only launched their product line, but they have a 10% off sale going on until midnight tonight (unknown time zone)



1x ModPod M01 UniPod (two pack)

1x ModPod M02 DuoPod

1x ModPod M03 QuadPod

2x ModPod A02 Stairwell

1x ModPod B01 BasePod (bases)

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So hada paint day with @Dilvish the Deliverer and @Mad Jack at the Citadel in New London, CT today, and picked up some goodies....

Chain Mail Gnoll Ranger and Abyssal Ravager




Ral Partha Shadowrun Heavy Assault Trike



Ral Partha Orc Archers (02-077)




Then when I got home, I found a package from Battlefront Miniatures, whose Customer service department I had emailed on monday about some missing parts...

And just like Reaper, They made good on the missing parts by SENDING me a whole new SET!



So if you were ever thinking about a 15mm wargame company, guess who I recommend...





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Went home to NS this weekend to visit the folks and go to our AGM for the Marshaling club.  I got there a little early since I knew HFX Games was right next to the pub the meeting was at.  Found these:


Should come in handy when I get around to assembling and painting my Infinity stuff....


And at the AGM I received this "award":


Jeez, one little pro stock tries to land on a guy....:poke:

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2 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:


Ooooh, I think I'm going to have to get my paws on one of those soon...  That's a decent amount of sectorials in there too.


I also see you like the same two armies I do.  Heads up - new Yu Jing models are in the new Code One starter that officially gets announced tomorrow for pre-order.

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