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7 hours ago, Beagle said:

This is England, the idea that civilisation will break down is inconceivable. Technology may become redundant, food chains may break down, but there will always be time for afternoon tea and some cricket on the village green.


No baseball???


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6 hours ago, aku-chan said:

Picked up a new Twisted mini, the Overseer of Hounds.


Really need to start painting my Twisted stuff, not just buying it.




I need to keep an eye on those!


5 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Picked up Queen of Malifica now that she's back in stock for more than 20 seconds at Creature Caster.  Likely will be a while before I paint her.  




That's just awesome!

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My apocalypse supplies arrived today...Neil Thomas’s book on ancient and medieval wargaming, and a box of about three dozen miscellaneous true 25mm miniatures from Iron Wind/Ral Partha.  Tomorrow was a scheduled day off work, and I hope to split it between baking and miniatures, since there isn’t anywhere to go. ::(:



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6 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Picked up Queen of Malifica now that she's back in stock for more than 20 seconds at Creature Caster.  Likely will be a while before I paint her.  




So many eyes! And no sarcasm... I love painting eyes! And... uhh..  ladies. 


Hmm. It is a semi local place and I've been wanting their paint.... 

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On 3/18/2020 at 8:13 AM, Beagle said:

Just had ten British Army 24 hour ration packs delivered.....just in case society breaks down :rolleyes:.


Mrs Beagle is most unhappy, and I received a proper telling off for wasting money. 

She'll change her tune when the food runs out and she's after a nibble 



Good of you to have a romantic dinner ready to go. :rolleyes:

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So @robinh got a Elegoo Mars a couple of weeks ago and has been playing.  H'ed asked if I wanted to see anything printed.

well my wife was over that way this weekend and brought home bag of goodies from him.



I'd been looking at 15mm armor (a guy I work with has played Flames of War) so had test printed a Sherman in yellow (yes I know you can't see details...it will get primed eventually).

So he printed off a couple of Shermans and a Tiger.  The detail is awesome on the resin prints.....




And some 28mm stuff.  I'd pointed him to the Starfolke files on thingiverse from Ill Gotten Games (I backed their KS, but they have a nice selection of free stuff too). Those are the 2 in the back on the left.

In from are the two versions of the Bombshell Minis Hlpr Bot (attached base or separate) . The STL is available free from their current KS.  

No idea where the big guy in the back came from, or where he found the dwarve bard with flaming bagpipes.


This has certainly motivated me to start checking prices on resin printers right away....


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Was out buying essentials yesterday and figured I’d stop at my FLGS not really thinking they’d be open.



Dire Wolf is huge!



Crocodile seems a bit on the small side.



And I was right about the raptors.

Even though they’re smaller the Wizkids ones are nicer sculpts.CB0F5E36-EFE9-43D6-8ED1-D59A3590BC17.thumb.jpeg.1f823dff3fcb5e36529d9e38f194407e.jpeg


I didn’t have my beholder handy for a comparison but I’m pretty sure the new zombie beholder is noticeably smaller.


Also received the minis from North Star that I ordered for use in my Shadow Deep game: All three minis sculpted by Bobby Jackson.



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