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3 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

I would be, too...just wanted to note that the option was there for anyone who wanted a copy.

definitely an option.  Its a nice piece of gaming history to nestle right next to the secret of bone hill,  the Isle of Dread and Keep on the borderlands and my original red box from when I got it as a 12 year old.

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On 4/15/2020 at 12:56 AM, knarthex said:

some goodies arrived today...


My new AnyCubic Photon 0 3D printer!!!!




Should be fun to work with....

After I figure it all out....


I love that you used your background for taking the pictures ::D:


Is that a USB port on the side there?  Why would anyone put the USB port so conveniently located, instead of way in the back where you can barely reach it?


Have fun!!


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The Photon S does have it's USB port on the side & in my case the right side for me to access it too!! :winkthumbs:


Did a small order with Tomb Guardians today. If you go to their site & scroll down a bit, you'll see a link to the Healer sale. It's the healer type minis from each of their lines on sale for 4.50 or less. The shaman in the Amazon line didn't interest me but I did pick up the female dwarf cleric for 4.50 & the female vampire cleric for 4.25. Bonus to is there is a surprise mini included with the purchase of the dwarf cleric. I'm not sure about the other purchases. So 3 metal minis for 8.75 + shipping (which was almost the purchase price....oh well).


(EDIT: Shipped!!)


Also did a Humble Bundle 3d purchase as well:

search for this:




I think between HB & purchase on drivethrurpg I may have most of the Fat Dragon files now. Bonus for those with 3d printers & wanna a plague doctor mini as there is one in this bundle!

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Continuing to support my lfgs, they just dropped off my bi-weekly order.




Their distributor for Star Wars Legion has been able to ship a bit, so they were able to get a few things off my Imperial want list: Palpatine, Orson Krennic and the Snowtroopers (more white....woohoo).

From their existing stock I got the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon team and some Fleet Troopers for the rebels.

And brand new releases (at least up here) are the B2 droids and the tank for the Clone troopers.  I don't have the Clone Wars starter yet (they are trying to get one in) but I'd already picked up a couple of things for them, so I'm sure I'll get it eventually.Plus the B2 droids are pretty cool, and , well, tank!

Oh, an they had the small sleeves in. Now that we're playing it would probably be good to get the cards sleeved.  They are ordering in the larger sleeves as they were all out.


They are still unable to get me a bunch of the Imp stuff since their supplier is out, but nothing is supposed to be limited edition (that I'm aware of) so hopefully will get restocked eventually. I know I could get a bunch of it off amazon or ebay, but right now I'd rather be supporting these guys.





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My stuff arrived


  • Elegoo Mars 3D printer ( need to unpack, has to wait till I have rearranged he hobby room)
  • Resin Elegoo Grey 1000ml
  • Spare Fep film
  • Spare LCD Screen
  • Kapton Tape 8mm
  • IPA 99,7%

Since Brutus sleeps in the hobby room at night, I figured I didn't want to move his bed every time.

So I bought him another one for in the backroom.

This one is shaped a little different, he seems to like it.




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^One of my box of minis has arrived.  Khawarij and Zhayedan SWC box for me (plus Govads HMG!), and I suppose I'll be nice and let my opfor get some more fun things, even if that means they'll be shooting at me, with hubby rolling! ::P:  For hubby, Blackjacks w/T2 Sniper Rifle, Ariadna Support pack, and Line Kazaks SWC box.

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Yesterday I finally received this:


The "good stuff" as far as Bowden tubing.  Hoping to get my Ender 3 behaving this week.


And now that I have my summer car out of the garage, it is time to get it organized.  So I ordered some "ready to assemble" shelving and it was delivered this morning.


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I Have Returned!


I ventured forth into the disease ridden wilderness, crossed the plague infested prairies, made my way to The Keep of the Wizard Walden. There I met with my Man on the inside, Kamal, and Lo! I have returned to my hidden stronghold with a Treasure Pile !!

Luckily it fitted in my 4sp, Large Sack... <_<



That’s what TP ^ stands for, right, ^ Treasure Pile?







(Some of the above might be slightly true.)

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