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Ordered this month or so ago when quarantine first started, it came in today. Online on its store page it says no delivery until June but I guess because I pre ordered it before all this mine shipped on time


I am very picky on what Funkos I get, but some of them I can't help but want and this was one of them. He goes nicely with my sandtrooper and dewback



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41 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:



I am very picky on what Funkos I get, but some of them I can't help but want and this was one of them. He goes nicely with my sandtrooper and dewback




I think I like Funko's critters more then their people sculpts. ha ha


I've got the AUS wildfire relief on pre-order. Suppose to ship in June, we shall see.


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7 minutes ago, haldir said:


I think I like Funko's critters more then their people sculpts. ha ha




oh i definitely prefer their animals


my collection is as follows: Jurassic Park t rex, Jaws shark, Harry Potter Nagini and Fawkes, two Dark Crystal Skeksis, and star wars dewback /sandtrooper and now luke/tauntaun


they do much better with animals IMO

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With RCon 2020 cancelled I needed some comfort minis, why not place a order with Reaper for it:


01651 Toilet Paper Mockingbeast $18.49


01652 Toilet Paper Mockingbeast Swarm $7.99


09495 Drow Silver $3.69


19031 Boss Dice - Starlight Glitter $10.95


77918 Treasure Rocky $4.99


77921 Annoyed Rocky $4.99


04007 Lashana Larkmoor, Wizard FREE





Also, order I placed on the bay of E came in yesterday!!



Large elementals x4



Deep cuts

Female human oracle


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Long has it been since I could make a proper tithe, but the time at last has come...

02001 Reaper Famine

02002 Reaper Plague

02003 Reaper War

02003 Reaper Pestilence

03856 Townsfolk Courtesan

These are going the be the basis of a display based on this year, hopefully I can convert the courtesan into a convincing Corona Chan. 

03123 Townsfolk VIII Village Mob

03472 Townsfolk XII Pillory and Kids

77619 Hangman's Gibbet

Reinforcements/additions to the base for the Witch Hunter Army.

02509 Mother Superior

06062 Battle Nuns and Mother Superior

06101 Battlenuns (9) Crusader Adept

14212 Kristiana Crusader Warlord

59048 Savage Worlds Rippers Order of St George Nun

Infantry reinforcements for the Angry Catholics Army. 

77001 Skeletal Spearmen (3) x 3

77466 Zombie Dragon

Now I can set up a full unit of Pumpkin Guard, and I finally got around to aquiring a dragon.

09313 Rotting Wood

09314 Heartwood Brown

09315 Ancient Wood 

Never enough browns, will be useful for the Undead.

09447 Undead Flesh

09712 Olive Greens Triad

For the Horsemen/Corona Chan project.

09401 Dragon Red

09440 Ebony Flesh

09785 Washes 1 Triad

08505 #0 Brush

08603 #0 Round Brush

74015 1 inch Universal Slot Square Base (20)

74040 20mm Square Flat Top Plastic Base (25)

General replacement/hoarding.

Minatures of the Month:

King of the High Elves (will be the beginning of the Starbucks Elves faction)

Sheya Shield Maiden

Kyrie Female Barbarian (more Middenheimers)

Ametrine Earthlyte (Coffee Dwarf reinforcements)

Majeda Crusaders Sargent

Sir Broderick Crusaders Captain (I now have all of Reaper's Nuns, and Sir Broderick will fit in with the Angry Catholics nicely.)



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Thanks to @Darcstaar in posting the name of a game I loved back in the old days, I went on a google search & I came across the game for free!!


I ended up getting both of these off the gog website:


Ultima World of Adventure: Savage Empire

Ultima World of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams (this was the game I trying to remember)


Also finalized that Hobgoblin3d order (totally spaced if off from the other day........good thing I did as the sale is off in a day or so. Check out the prices on these files!!)


TOTAL $20.09
Totem of Six  × 1 $1.80
Raghaven Hamlet - Modular Fence Kit  × 1 $1.35
Raghaven Hamlet - Vegetable Allotments  × 1 $1.80
Raghaven Hamlet - Straw Bails  × 1 $0.10
Raghaven Hamlet - Compost Heap  × 1 $0.23
Raghaven Hamlet - Out Houses  × 1 $1.30
Raghaven Hamlet - Log Pile  × 1 $0.10
Raghaven Hamlet - Intoxicated Bundle  × 1 $2.55
Raghaven Hamlet - Tavern Trap Door  × 1 $0.13
Raghaven Hamlet - Tavern Cellar Door  × 1 $0.20
Raghaven Hamlet - Travellers Carriage  × 1 $4.80
Peasant Gravestones  × 1 $0.40
Murder Hobo Kit  × 1 $1.00
Dungeon Pillar  × 1 $0.00
Dungeon Brazier  × 1 $0.40
Broken Gravestones  × 1 $0.50
Palm Tree  × 1 $1.50
Trap Door  × 1 $0.13
Graveyard Fencing  × 1 $0.90
Wooden Door  × 1 $0.90



Finally, I decided to order a couple of things for my birthday:


Noble Knight:

The Army Painter: Wet Palette (I had the op to buy this the night before I left for Las Vegas in Jan but I waited to buy it at LVO & it wasn't in any of the vendors there.)

TTCombat paint brush rack

 Crow Skull Amulet from Reaper mini. I've seen this at ReaperCon but never anywhere else, figure eh it was cheap (like 3 bucks)


Also I order a new Portland Timbers hat! Mine was getting a bit old in the teeth.


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So, uh, dad surprised me with a package this week... Double surprise because of what was in it... 




Meade 400/60 f/6.7.  Okay, it's a small and cute one, with an inexpensive manual mount, basic red dot sight, and basic 9mm and 25mm eyepieces, but... That's one lovely surprise to send. 


Getting it home was a tad awkward though, since, well, you try carrying a 3' wide 10lb box for twenty minutes. 


It's no 8" Celestron RASA, and it isn't an APO refractor, but hey, it'll at least let me and Rune see stuff, and that's what counts the most. 


Naturally, it's cloudy as all sin today, and it's tried raining a few times ::P:

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I became a patron for Rocket Pig Games a bit ago, during their second KS that I backed.

Well this morning they shared a video, of one of their airships that a friend or customer had actually put electric motors in so that the propellers turn.

I was not aware that RPG had done airships, let along gorgeous fricking huge ones!






Have now been acquired.  From the video it looks like I should have one printed within a couple of months....:blink:  Huuuuuuuuuuge........

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23 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Just got my monthly free .stl from Westfalia.





Nice!  I have been threatening to do the Battle of Bywater for a long time...


I got a package from across the water today, with ~60 ancient Minifig elves, from their 1974 Mythical Earth range.  I now have enough to put Thranduil’s army on the table, as long as you don’t mind having only three poses to work with. (Plus an elf king pose...)




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Delivery from the lfgs today.



I know, more Star Wars Legion, shocking right? :poke:


Unfortunately that pretty much covers all the rebel and Imperial units....he has a couple of the Clone War units I don't have yet, but I also don't have the Clone War starter (which is out of stock at the distributor) so can't really do much with them yet.....

And there are always more Stormtroopers...can't have too many of them.....


I will likely pre-order a few upcoming units this weekend (no ideas one release dates, FFG isn't being real informative right now) but as I just got my bonus, now seems like a good time to do that.....


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