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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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I bought myself a battlefoam sword bag, to carry my mighty fine Reaper sculpts to houses when I am back to IRL games.


And, I added to my posthumous Bones V pledge. There was firbolgs. I need more firbolgs, for science.

Also, one of my players is running a female one, and should have a finely sculpted mini.

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I have gotten several orders on eBay that have me now owning the following:


Star Wars Minis....x02

D&D minis.............x05

GW Primaris.........x05 [Brings me to 08 total. All Intercessors.]

various Primaris bits.

Tau backpack bits..x10 [These are actually for some Warzone minis missing theirs.]

Necron Warriors.....x03 [Brings me to 15 total.]


At the Post Office waiting to be picked up:


A belt case for my phone.


Still in the International Mail System since 07Apr20:

<Does anyone know how long I can wait before Paypal will give me my $$$$ back??>

1/400 Gundam Gashapon.......x03.


EDIT: Ooops, I forgot one!!

I also have a seam scraper from ToolUSA on the way.


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On 5/29/2020 at 12:47 PM, Gadgetman! said:

You know, some 7day challenges should never be accepted...    


How many bottles of Bloodstain Red, and how many #0 brushes did you use?

Little known secret, may be out of date now, Reaper Employees could get paint by the gallon for interior house painting as a perk.  When we moved in this house, Anne mixed me up several colors to get us started.  


And we use standard paint rollers when painting walls.

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I have an increased supply of alligator clips to hold things with.  The little ones came on a piece of wire, but the larger size did not.  I though they would fit on bamboo skewers, but no such luck.  They do however fit on One Happy Choice brush handles, so I shall re-purpose a few of those as they wear out.

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Picked up several things today.


Levis %505 Jeans.  I'm wearing holes on the outer front pockets from my money clip.

Logitech Wireless Thumb Trackball.  My pointer device of choice; I was tired of switching the one I have now between my laptop and desktop.


And I backed and downloaded the Cosplay Humble Bundle.  I may not use it immediately, but I'm sure some of my kids will.

And I also just acquired Borderlands 2 from the Epic Gamestore.  Not sure when I will play it, but the price was right: FREE.

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9 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

That's my big issue with the cloth ones. They're a lot comfier, but boy do your glasses fog up in no time... 


Try surgical tape. Other suggestions include sewing a pipe cleaner over the top of the mask, but I don't know how that would hold up to washing. 


I've ordered both surgical tape for sensitive skin, and some odd foam tape meant for use under the eyes when fake eyelashes are being applied. Hopefully one of those works well for daily use. 



--OneBoot :D 

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 One thing you can do as an anti-fogging measure, assuming your glasses are comfortable enough, is to pull them out away from your face just a bit, and make sure they overlap the top of the mask. Doesn't help much if you're going to be leaning over looking down at stuff for extended periods, but for walking around it does help a lot.


Also, if you have an old dust mask in your garage, you can pull the metal nose bit out of it and sew it into your cloth mask.



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Now that my phone is paid off from my wireless carrier, I can have a little bit of fun with my half of the stimulus check!! :bday:


Signed up with Artisan Guild  & Aether Studios on Patreon, whaoooo!!!


I placed this in a cart yesterday but didn't feel like pulling the trigger. I added/subtracted a couple things & place it this morning:


Noble Knight:


GW Contrast:

Snakebite Leather

Warp Lightning

Black Templar


Scibor Monstrous Miniatures:

Dwarf Lord Fardur



The face on this guy reminds of this guy from Braveheart:

d296796b8ecd815164b75bf7a60aac21--james- (James Cosmo, the crazy, you can't kill me" father)


Wizkids Nolzur's

Dragonborn Male Paladin #2

Satyr & Dryad


Also placed a direct order with Turbo Dork for the following:


Turbo dork swag sticker

Hyper Culture turboshift paint



This was a limited edition made for LVO this year & didn't notice or at least I thought the owner said it was but I spaced it off. The stock they are selling on their online store is leftovers from LVO this year.


Debating on a good size order with a certain favorite miniature company in Texas, now.............:poke:


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