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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Took advantage of the Noble Knight sale to do some retail therapy:


Female Minions w/Infantry Caps  by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

Demonkin - Female w/Sword  by Dark Sword Miniatures  DSM7368

Female Elven Archer  by Dark Sword Miniatures  DSM1196

Veteran Archers Mix A  by Gamezone Miniatures  GZM03-38

Police Sergeant and Marksman  by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio  CDSDEAL101

Ngobo Quick-Arm (2016 Edition)  by Happy Games Factory  HGFEDE-BAM-004

Demons and Devils (Module) by Necromancer Games  WW8354

Old Vinnengael - City of Sorrows (Module) by Sovereign Press  SVP3007

Planetary Militia - Cold Climes  by Alternative Armies  AAIB31

Dark Heaven Legends - The Eldest Son (Module) by Reaper Miniatures  RPR11001

Satyr & Dryad  by WizKids  WZK90018


Mastiff & Shadow Mastiff  by WizKids  WZK90017


Arcanaloth & Ultroloth  by WizKids  WZK90015

Wererat & Weretiger  by WizKids  WZK90014

Human Female Ranger #2  by WizKids  WZK90010

Human Male Ranger #2  by WizKids  WZK90009

Dwarf Male Fighter #2  by WizKids  WZK90004

Dragonborn Male Paladin #2  by WizKids  WZK90002

Sierra  by Hasslefree Miniatures  HFMN015

Kestensia - Water Wizard  by Crunch-Waffle Enterprises  IPRCWE0007

Josh Goering  by RAFM  RAF1403

Garzuhl - Mantis Man Ranger  by Reaper Miniatures  RPR03580

Crypt Bat II w/Axe  by Reaper Miniatures  RPR14010

Garthage Droll - Arcane Seed  by Crunch-Waffle Enterprises  IPRCWE0006

Jesra - Female Bard  by Valiant Enterprises  VEL1115

Illusionist  by DGS Games  DGS118002

Rez-Zomar - Goblin Warchief  by Goodman Games  GMG6024

NCO Wally Clark  by Reaper Miniatures  RPR50335

Leopardskin Chief  by Crunch-Waffle Enterprises  IPRCWE0031

Kalmbach - Dragonslayer  by Reaper Miniatures  RPR03207

Harpooner - Grunt  by Reaper Miniatures  RPR14402

Hurricane Initiate  by Valiant Enterprises  VELL5RP21

Heavy Ranged Infantryman #2  by Valiant Enterprises  VELL5RUN02

20mm Square Bases  by Ristul's Extraordinary Market  REMSPWB0001

Verrik Mage Blade (Male)  by Iron Wind Metals  IWM67-028

Litorian (Male)  by Iron Wind Metals  IWM67-001


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Top Posters In This Topic

Today I aquired...   


A package from Techzone in England, which contained a new microUSB port for my tablet, a couple of small (8x10cm) aluminium trays with magnetic tape bottom, and these...




The blades are etched metal, and pretty thin, but doesn't have any real cutting edges.  They may still be usable for some things. 

At £3.24 + VAT the set was cheap enough to get 2...


Now, if I hadn't forgotten to bring a few spudgers (prying tools used to open cell-phones, tablets and all kinds of computers. I keep a pack of them at the office. ) home I could get right to fixing my tablet..  


What else did I aquire today?


A 15pack of ice lollies...  


Probably the least 'PC' ice on the market?  

Anyone got any better?   


Meats and other stuff to put on the BBQ... Then, a 3pack of propane cannisters for the BBQ...  (I seem to have misplaced the ones I bought lat year)


Oh, and 4 weeks of summer vacation!    


Did I mention that the weather outside is...   


A good excuse to break open the 15pack...  


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Yesterday I got an order from Litko.

45mm flat to flat, 1.5mm thick clear acrylic hex bases with a 3mm flight peg hole....100 count.

1 inch long 3mm diameter clear acrylic flight pegs....10 count.


Got these for my 1/400 Gundam gashapons, and maybe for some of the big CAVs and BattleMechs as well.

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Busy morning as far as purchases. I finally pulled the trigger on some Oregon Ducks facemasks. I use gaiter style, but I'll use these when we restart games at the FLGS next month:

(spoilered for size of pic)





Also ordered a couple of stls off Heroforge. They will rep some NPCs that the party has to go save from the Mournlands. One in particular (Kallie) is a special background NPC for the party. Durvo is the leader of the NPC party. I still need to order a couple others for a full party but figured I'll just get those later this month. (I should have bought these when their code was active last month!!)


Also last night, I placed a order with a longtime model decal maker, Slixx. Thou it's been years since I've actually used them but with all the hallbahloo about a certain flag I wanted to get a order in before they decided to pull it from production:


General Lee Goodies Sheet (replaces the kit sheet)( Yes, ban this flag, but this car & it's marking represent a favorite time in my childhood. I want to remember it as it was, when I actually build the car model)

Bob Glidden '84 7-11/Chief Auto Parts T-bird Pro Stock drag

Drag racing Tire Sponsors (gotta love Goodyear & their greedy ways.....)

Sox & Martin '70 Cuda Pro Stock drag


Hopefully, maybe in the near future I'll actually use these sheets!!




Screenshot (7).png

Screenshot (8).png

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37 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

UPS and a bunch of filament showed up yesterday!  No more half prints and hopefully the wireless will recover faster if the router and wireless port don't shut down on every power flicker!


Put a sticker on it with today's date.   


Because the battery  in it should be replaced in 3 or 4 years, and by that time you won't remember when you got it. 


You got a proper Online UPS, I hope. None of those Standby or 'Line interactive' minotaur droppings.


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6 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:


Put a sticker on it with today's date.   


Because the battery  in it should be replaced in 3 or 4 years, and by that time you won't remember when you got it. 


You got a proper Online UPS, I hope. None of those Standby or 'Line interactive' minotaur droppings.


Its an APC unit and the same unit we use for the smaller process control computers in my company.  At work they provide continuous supply power during blackouts, brownouts and power blips so i should be okay.  I will probably get to test it in the next week or so...


The battery information is in a pocket on the side of the UPS with the date of install.  they can be persnickety beasts and, in general APC and Eaton are the only brands we will consider when installing them at work.

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Yeah, APC are generally good. 


In case anyone wonders what an 'online ups' is, it's one that takes the AC power, converts it to DC that it uses to charge the battery, and at the same time draws power from the battery, converts that to AC to power the devices it protects.  At no time does it power devices directly from the AC from the wall.   

It's not very different from 'line interactive' models, but requires a more robust AC-to-DC stage since it will need to handle at least 120% of the rated capacity. (A 1000VA unit means it can support approx 1000W draw. And since it must draw that through the rectifier/charger stage, which has a max efficiency of 85%, and probably also be capable of charging the batteries at the same time... )    

Line interactive devices let the 'protected' device draw drirectly from the AC grid, while monitoring it, and in the case of a dropout/brownout/whatever, it cuts the AC and start supplying from the battery. On these the rectifier/chargger stage is there only to charge the battery, so only need to deliver a fraction of the unit's stated capacity. (unless it's listed as charging the batteries in one hour... They never do that... )  



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SCL-SC38 - Aldebaran Red Paint 17ml
VLJ-72087 - Game Color Violet Ink
VLJ-72090 - Game Color Black Green Ink
VLJ-72091 - Game Color Sepia Ink
VLJ-77701 - Vallejo Metal Color: Aluminum Metal Color 32ml Bottle
VLJ-77711 - Vallejo Metal Color: Magnesium Metal Color 32ml Bottle
VLJ-77712 - Vallejo Metal Color: Steel Metal Color 32ml Bottle


And a Lizardman from the Clay Project:



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All kinds of goodies today. No pics yet though.....


First, my Amazon Fire Stick arrived. Git it mostly for Disney+ which I want to get, but my Smart TV is too old for it, and my cable provider's box doesn't have it yet.  Plus the stick was on sale.

Then I went out and picked up a copy of Wingspan.  I'll surprise my wife with it later (she's big into bird watching....).

Got home to two more packages.  One was the blank Matryoshka dolls I ordered for my wife back at the beginning of May.

The second is a mystery package from Worldbuilders. (I donate every year, and every $10 you donate gets you an entry in their massive raffle of donate stuff.  I guess I won something this year.....) I'll open it in a bit....

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And pictures!


Pretty self explanatory. 



The artwork for this is gorgeous. Hope she likes it!




A big signed first edition.  Not sure it is in a genre that I'm particularly interested in (paranormal romantic fantasy?) and this is something like the 40th book in the series (depending on which list you use), but still......





And here are the wonderful wooden dolls from the Ukraine.  I only separated the cats for the photo.  The other set have the pattern on all 3.  I figured it would help my wife with learning how to do them, before she tackles the 7 piece set from her aunt.


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