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3 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:





A big signed first edition.  Not sure it is in a genre that I'm particularly interested in (paranormal romantic fantasy?) and this is something like the 40th book in the series (depending on which list you use), but still......




    Haven't actually read any of them, but briefly scanned a page or two of several of the books while in the book store, writing seemed somewhat decent. Near as I can tell, you don't need to have read them all in order to figure out what's going on... A quick look on Wikipedia is enough to fill in most of the necessary background. Short version from the wiki: "The Dark-Hunters are immortal warriors who sell their souls to the Greek goddess Artemis for an Act of Vengeance against the one who murdered them. Once they've had their revenge, they are dedicated to defending mankind against Daimons (a psychic race cursed by Apollo) and other preternatural enemies."





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4 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Would be nice if we can get to that point. 


The final selling point was being able to get local Austin stations through YouTube TV without needing to switch over to an OTA antenna or other janky service.


YTTV is worth the money.  Not sure if it is available up north though.

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5 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:





And here are the wonderful wooden dolls from the Ukraine.  I only separated the cats for the photo.  The other set have the pattern on all 3.  I figured it would help my wife with learning how to do them, before she tackles the 7 piece set from her aunt.


Matryoshka!!!!! :wub:

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Miniature market orders i have forgotten about. I love the hold orders "until $100 for free shipping " option, but I honestly just forget about the orders. They have been held since March 2019 XD


Wrath of Kings when it went on sale. The starter factions were $10 each, the starter box was $7, and the warsmiths were $5. Darn, I missed a starter faction



When miniaturemarket was doing the "daily drop" function, i picked up a few items on the cheap. 2 t rex for $18, 2 fomoriam giants for $14, 2 genesai rogue packs for $5, warmachine for $12 (feels expensive in hindsight), mantic heroes for $7, the dungeon explore chibis for $16 (scarecrow $4, beatrix $6, expansion  $6)


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  Got my Reaper Survival Pack the other day.

Kept the brushes and the paints, but all the Bones are headed to the BoG...


Also acquired three more figures from the Grenadier Dragon Lords 5002 Monsters box set - I still had seven of them from my original set, but recently acquired an empty box (dirt cheap since it was pretty trashed), and now I have 12 out of the 18 figures. No insert, though. No old blue foam, either, but I'm not that picky about it, lol - I have plenty of modern black sitting around.



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After dropping off the Goodwill box, stopped at the flgs. Setup for events lokks great. About the only thing I'll have to do is raise my voice due to social distancing protocols in place. I'm just looking forward to D&D again.


Picked up a couple Unpainted figs:



Blue Slaad



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Osprey Publishing is having a sale, so the Hardcover Burrows & Badgers rulebook is now only £14 instead of £20 for the dead tree edition...  


I tacked on a book about French WWI tanks(it has stuff about the Renault NC in it). I could have ordered the French WWII tanks book too(it also has info on the NC... It's the only tank to be officially deployed in both WWs... ) 

It's also  in the 'Italian Light tanks' book, and the 'Early US Armor(But I assume that is more about the poor M1917 that suffered so much because of imperfect conversion to Imperial... )


and the book 'Nazi Moonbase' because it should do just fine as a Christmas present to my brother...     


I'm buying th B&B book because of the pictures...  

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My Midlam Miniatures "Halflings Gone Bad Vol.2" finally arrived yesterday.








Wasteland warriors





Night watchman and mastermind



Grave robbers



Wasteland thugs



Cultist (bonus mini!) and mastermind






Postcard and bonus wanted poster


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Last of the important NPCs I needed to my minis for, purchased today:

They'll be part of a salvage crew the PCs have to save. Male warforged & female halfling).



Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (9).png


Also delievered today was a couple of hobby orders.


plastic razor blades (100 ct) with holders. I'll use these in my 3d printing


Slixx decals (as I've said first order with these guys in 15 years!)

Bob Glidden 84-85 Ford Tbird Chief/7-11 Prostock (my favorite drag racer, if not racer car driver all time)

Drag racing tire sponsors

General Lee Charger

Sox & Martin 70 - 71 Cuda Pro Stock



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