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I received my Badger airbrush from their birthday sale.  It's a very different beast than the H&S airbrushes I'm used to.  Will be doing a couple tear-downs and rebuilds before I shoot anything through it. 

Picked up some Vallejo Metal Color paints along with some fluorescent oranges and yellows for a probably upcoming Necron force...  ::):

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Artisan Guild is now releasing presupported files.

I forgot to get the presupported version of the Jurakin and asked for it, they send me the files.


And they also send me the files for these two as a bonus:


( no base though, but I don't need that)







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My parcel arrived.



Many awesome cats.  Looked through the main box but still need to inventory the rest...


Also was at the lfgs, got this for my wife (and forgot to take a pic, so image of the internet)


And for myself:


I also picked up two workbenches from Costco, something like this:
Kobalt Workbench

Saves me from figuring out and building something myself (which hasn't been happening over the last month....)
They are a touch heavy to throw in the back of the Micra ( about 115 lbs each in the box) but at least they fit!




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 One step closer to World Dom... I mean, completing my collection of the Ral Partha 11-0XX Adventurers line...


This is the male half of 11-032 Halfling Clerics... I now have SKUs 11-001 to 11-030, and this guy, which means I'm only missing five figures from the entire lime - the female from this blister, 11-031 Dwarf Fighters and 11-033 Halfling Rogues...






    I found him on EvilBuy for $15 + shipping, generically listed as "Dungeons & Dragons Rare Vintage Metal Miniature D&D Mini Cool Halfling Hero Axe".


Even considering what I paid for him, I still got him for a good price - you rarely ever see the later figures in the series and most of the time when they do show up they're either not recognized/misidentified (and subsequently sold as a generic figure in a big lot) or people charge utterly absurd collector's prices for them.


The seller is a bit of an odd duck: He has about a thousand listings in his store and has been in business for over a decade, but you can tell his research into what he's putting up in his store doesn't extend much beyond looking at what's written on the bottoms of the figures... Even the most ridiculous old junk minis with broken swords are never priced lower than $15, and he has figures that are still in production and available for less than $5 going for four times that much - including Reaper stuff.

Every great once-in-awhile he overlooks something that actually is rare and worth something and lists it as something generic like " Cool Halfling With Axe", so I keep having to take the time every so often to scroll through all eight billion of his listings yo see if there's anything he missed that I need to complete my collection.



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1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:

Ordered a pack of filters to filter resin ( 250 pack so I will be good for a while) and a new bottle of Elegoo Grey 1000ml.

Where did you order them? I haven't been able to find a good source

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Adding something to the arsenal of games to entertain the kids over the summer (and beyond), I ordered the X-wing 2.0 starter set along with a couple other packs of ships.  Looking forward to pew-pewing one another in space! 

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On 6/28/2020 at 4:43 PM, TGP said:

Can we ask why?


It's due to previous dealings with the boss of that company. Mierce was (totally legally) separated from his previous company before it went belly up and left a lot of people and suppliers out of pocket. The fact that Mierce is now multiple kickstarters behind in getting miniatures to the people that actually paid for them years ago doesn't exactly inspire confidence either. 


The minis are nice, but I trust the company about as far as I could throw them.

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