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38 minutes ago, BadgersinMeadows said:

@Glitterwolf Is that a file or a physical miniature? 


STL file for printing.

I'm hoarding files at the moment...::P:

12 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Just ordered 2x 500gram pieces of 'Old Dutch' mature cheese, and a 650gram piece of 'Boer'n trots Honning'(honeydipped, aged cheese)



Oh I love aged cheese!

A good glass of wine to go with it, maybe some olives...

We really do need a drooling emoji..

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I just slice it thinly and put on my bread.

And have a large pot of strong tea to drink...  


Or I may add some to an omelette now and then. (I grate some into the mix before pouring it into the pan. Helps it stick together a little better)


Not going to talk about my 'middle of the night snacks'...   

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So yesterday I installed the new AC (during a conference call).  Seemed fine.  Over lunch installed the (different model) AC we got for the living room and kitchen.  Worked great. End of lunch came back to find the AC in the study trying its hardest to shake the whole wall of the house apart.  From the classic sound (thud thud thud thud thud), I assume something failed in the compressor.  Sigh.   This was a very heavy unit and a pain to install. After wasting time calling companies don't support their own products (LG) and companies that don't return calls (Home Depot), I ripped the #@$% thing back out, threw it in the car and returned it.  Then ran over to a regional building supply place (where we got the one for the living room) and snagged what is possibly the last AC in the city (there are couple stores I didn't check, but all the main ones). 

Installed the new one this morning and finally, nice cool air in the study (been running a couple hours now, no signs of it exploding or anything).

Should actually be able to paint in here soon, once I put back all the stuff I had to move to get to the window.....


Also acquired, one very sore back....

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Tazythas, Dragonfolk Rogue
sku: 77656
Sir William the Peacemaker
sku: 77660
Anuminar Winterbeard, Wizard
sku: 77661
Oman Ruul, Wizard
sku: 77662
Zenfis Zadar, Wizard
sku: 77663
Arakus Landarzad, Wizard
sku: 77664


At first I didn't like the wizards as they were just more "generic hats with beards" wizards but the more I seen them painted up the more I liked them. I was going to get the ones in metal at ReaperCon this year but, well we all know how that ended up. Astrolabe, loved seeing it the add on but I didn't want to spend the cash for the entire pack at the time.

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59 minutes ago, aku-chan said:

Ordered my Yankee Piranhas!


But good grief is international shipping getting expensive, £20 postage (plus the inevitable customs charges) on one small box of plastic minis.


Yah, I totally hear you on this one.


Ordered placed with Spotmodel out of Spain.

Shipping for this order was like 17.95 euros (21.something US) Had I added 1 more decal to this order. It would have jumped to 30 Euros.........Yikes! 

I've been emailing the guys at Spotmodel & yes, my order is right there (weight 499 grams, 500 is the price jump. Ha ha)


Revell Porsche GT-1 EVO: stock kit, no box (I have had anther kit decal for like forever. Hoping to do this one someday. Now I can!)

Studio 27: Motorcraft Ford GT decal

Decalcas: Porsche 934 Window masks for painting the frames

Blue Stuff: Toyota TS050 Hybrid sponsored by Gazoo Racing - 24 Hours Le Mans 2018 (additional decals, not included with the Tamiya kit - Gotta love licensing in the model hobby.....)


Ordered off ebay:

Revell Ford GT LeMans 2017 kit (gotta love finding free shipping^_^)


I guess this means I should get it in gear & order the car kits for the Ford GT1 & Toyota TS050 now. :lol:

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Acquired: Size 1 round Raphael 8404!


Ordered a few things from Higgins Brothers: A three pack of seconds, a three pack of 75mm/150g Play Sil-X Hybrids (in Fluorescent Pink), and two three ball bags.  Not hobby related (at least this one), but I couldn't resist adding in a little bit more to the post so it wasn't just a pic of a paintbrush!

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@haldir here is a better look at the Gadzook Gamer Brushes. There is a detailing brush, a general purpose, AND a small & a large dry brush brushes:

The handles feel really nice. If the points & shapes hold up, I think these will be outstanding brushes for the price:




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