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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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1 hour ago, Thoramel said:

Grenadier Shadowrun Eastern Dragon. Thanks to Mad Jack for enabling me by pointing out the eBay auction for this piece. 




Oh wow, that was the first Dragon that I ever painted! He was marked down to £5 and covered in so much dust that you could barely see what the box art was. 


I've been trying to find him recently to post on the "First painted mini" thread. I may have tried to do a blue/turquoise/green transition on him and I'm curious to see how it turned out, as I remember being very proud of it at the time ^_^


Looking forward to seeing how you paint him!

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Went up to the FLGS today. Picked up the following:



Rest of the Mantic Library pieces 

Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse

Kids on Brooms


While I didn't have to buy anything for the above, I did pick up a backorder that came in yesterday.


Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted 



Also, sounds like we may go back to events again at the store. Confusion on everyone's part in regards to the Govnah's latest COVID19 orders. Hopefully!



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My order from Blick Art Materials arrived today. Since all the local True Value Hardware Stores are now Ace, my source of Sure Hold Plastic Surgery Glue disappeared. I found that Blick carried the Sure Hold line. SO I ordered a dozen regular Plastic Surgery Glues AND six Gels. While I was at it, I  ordered some red sable brushes. I got a pair of 1s & a pair of 3/0s...there are a few 0 & 2/0 on back order.

Here's the lot:



With a better view(s) of Blick's own Masterstroke Brushes



The brushes look terrific & were quite reasonable. The glue looks like glue.

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I've been a bad man this week...  New 40K box acquired, August batch of Patreon STLs (paired the list down a LITTLE) and a small selection of paints/inks to attempt Goobertown's "yellow over pink" for my new Primaris marines along with some very dark metallics and some oranges for the Necrons (orange Tron theme in mind). 

There was also another core set of X-wing to boost my Tie Fighter and dice complements and a garage full of cedar posts and 2x6/2x4s and corresponding hardware to build a monkey bar/play structure for the kids. 

I felt like I bought all of Home Depot on Saturday as I got painting supplies and paint for my daughter's room, hardware for the play structure, some cleaning supplies, some new outlets to replace the original ones in my daughter's room, some stuff for my parents since they don't venture out much these days... 

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After much hemming and hawing and not a little bit of hunting I was able to recover three treasures from my past:




everybody has their iconic books from childhood.  I spent ages pouring over the pages over this series and dreaming about a future where I could even see the beginnings of (the original timeline sets a permanent marsbase by 2011 [sigh]).  Anyway, I managed to find three of them at prices that weren't too insane. 


Now I just need to find Spacewreck,  which is probably the best written of the series but also the hardest to acquire

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Just now, Jasper_the_2nd said:



It took a moment for my brain to realize that that was NOT a tub of ice cream...."try our new Desert Sand, the texture takes some getting used to but we guarantee it will stick to the cone"....


Yah, it does have the color of Vanilla Bean....

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Had to buy some more paint (Vallejo had renamed Scarlett Red to Scar Red, and what I brought last time was actually Scarlett Blood, which turns out to be a renamed Bloody Red, so I've now got two bottles of that one.).


Of course, this required me to buy more minis. So I'm taking another tentative stab at the Wild West Exodus range (or, in this case, it's sister range Lost World Exodus) with a Nautilus Crew:-



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