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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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RCon stickers!


2 orders actually. Ordered at different times but arrived today.






Note: the Ralph sticker describes my job during COVID19 era. Tcats logo is well tcats & the blank one is this one: (rip Mr Bourdain rip)



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Mega Swag box(es) came today & even better, UPS delivered before 6 pm!! We went out to do some errands & when we came home there it was. Outer box was kinda dinged up, but the 3 inside were in pristine condition!! Initial look over appears everything is there, but I'l do a through look tomorrow.

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Exciting acquisition today, thou who I ordered from off ebay (galactictoys) the speed was fantastic for a ORM-D shipment.




I read this works great with Tamiya acrylics. My main paint when working with models.


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Rustoleum spray paint: Colonial Red


This is for the interior of the ZZ Top Eliminator hotrod model


Denatured alcohol for resin prints cleaning. I can actually use my Wash n Cure to its fullest!


(Not shown) Some metric screws to properly seat my FEP for my resin vat. Currently 2 screws are tad bit long. No adverse effects just want them all the right size.


Finally my mom thought I'd like the classic TV series Batmobile model. She is right! It continues my quest to build iconic TV/movie vehicles.



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Hit the flgs today, since I woke up to late yesterday to go up for that roll20 tutorial.  Anyways latest Unpainted wave was in store!


I didn't pick up the new pricing large creatures but I will eventually.


All Nolzur's 

Proper sized giant spider & egg clutch

Nightmare (all clear)

Female tiefling sorcerer

Sea hag & bheur hag

Gnoll & gnoll flesh gnawer (this guy is way cool!)

Storm giant (he's BIG!) Nice since I didn't want to pay the premium prepainted price.


Also stopped at the hobby store & picked up some Tamiya cement as the one I had was goop.


Good stuff! 



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