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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Couple of orders came in yesterday:


Unv of OR Ducks store -

I had other things but the hobby related item is a Molotow Liquid Chrome ink marker (1mm tip). As noted, it's suppose to help make chrome trim on cars allot easier.


Ebay -

Squadron decal mover. It caught my eye. Basically clear paint handle with a rubber tip. We shall see how useful it is.


Vallejo liquid mask


Humbrol satin red enamel. Supposedly, the same color as the 66 Batmobile stripping decals. As they don't cover all that they are supposed to. My first Humbrol purchase.  Lol



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Box two of hobbying supplies has come in!



^I'm kind of wishing I had gotten the 12mm tufts now.  Some of those are incredibly small, like the 2mm and 4mm beige ones.  Other things I'm rather happy about, like those dry tufts - wow, they're nice.  Having all four of Woodland Scenic's field grass is rather handy too.  I'm also undecided about which of the six well trays I like more, but I suspect I'll get a better idea soon enough...


EDIT: I honestly can't believe how tiny those Mr Hobby paint cups/trays are!! o_O

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4 hours ago, malefactus said:

Yesterday I receive a fresh hole in my head in which was place a NEW AND IMPROVED cochlear implant was implanted. The surgery was successful & far less stressful than feared. In a couple of weeks I will hopefully, God willing be able to hear again...it has been more than six months of silence here.


I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

Hope it works.

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Nuthin wrong with plushes!! Hell, I have a squirrel dangler on my backpack. I could care less what other people think of it.



So I took advantage of Hobby Lobby online $50/free shipping & 40% off all models the other day. FedEx tracking says it'll be here by Saturday evening. I still can't get use to seeing FedEx on Saturdays.


Also did a ebay auction the old fashion way & bidded on something & won!


I got this coming:



I'm debating on whether or not to get the Corvette with Shagwell figure.

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