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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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17 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

It's cool all of the advances for the hearing impaired that have come out in the past few decades.  I used to get news letters from the American Hearing Foundation because I would donate to them every year in memory of my paternal grand parents (both were deaf; one from birth and the other from early childhood).  Plus Awesome Wife has hearing loss (has a titanium rod in one ear) and will eventually need more solutions.


10 hours ago, Zink said:


And the best part is if you don't like what you're hearing you can turn it off! Learned that from one of my dad's uncles. When people would get complaining or making too much noise near him he'd just turn down the volume and ignore them. Seriously though glad to read that it's made a big difference for you. I'm deaf in one ear since birth but haven't really looked into what solutions are available now. Technology has advanced a lot since I was in school and they were doing regular check ups on me. I'm used to it although it's a minor annoyance at times.


It really is amazing what can be done for deafness. I lost the last of my hearing in the mid 90s. In 1999 I got my cochlear implant. It was all rather experimental then I understand. The new one is really quite an improvement. I am looking forward to the fine tuning of the sound processor.


AND hitting the mute button can be a great escape at times.

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Top Posters In This Topic

No photos because things are mostly shelved and in boxes, but I've received quite the haul recently and wanted to share.

Finally got an airbrush!  A VERY belated christmas present from my D&D friends.  We have a long history of delivering belated gifts, I would have to double check the specifics, but I know the brush is an Iwata.  Looking forward to trying that out, especially with Ma'al on my soon-to-do list.


Speaking of Ma'al, I ordered a large wooden base from Michaels.  I believe this is the same one that others have ordered for Ma'al and it is actually and 11in wooden clock mount with beveled edges.  Might be able to use up some of my instant-grout on that base when the time comes.

But the biggest haul was a bunch of Piratey miniatures.  Finally found a good deal on ebay for a set of Rum and Bones first edition items including the main game and several bonus character packs.  I have yet to actually try the game out despite owning a bunch of them, but the minis will be great for painting and for a nautical D&D campaign.  I also picked up a couple of Bones pirates while I had my virtual wallet open.


Looking forward to leaving things on a shelf and not painting them for ages! 

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Bought a box of Wolf Guard Terminators, Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines, easy to build Bloodreavers, White Dwarf for this month, and a copy of The Solar War that I asked to be ordered in a month or so ago but didn't collect until now.


Going to sell off some stuff from this haul to reduce the pretty hefty cost. 

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My Reapercon t-shirt finally came in (got the stickers a few days earlier, including one that offers Shut The F- Cup cakes to an unsuspecting onlooker.. I like that one. It was not a Reapercon sticker. But I still like it.), still waiting for the rest of that order. ^^;


Also, got my booty-prize, for boosting my faction all over hell, breakfast and lunch! Is AWESOME. I have all the approves.

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10 hours ago, Corsair said:

Well, at least you can print off all the cannons you will need for your pirateships from ines KS!


Epic is also going to release a pirate ship to print.

And...with the Asian adventures KS I will also be able to print a Chinese Junck and a Korean Turtleship.

Of course I will need to cut the files to make it possible on a resin printer ( and hollow it) but at least will have the files.

Maybe in the future I might feel confident enough to buy an additional printer for FDM or a larger one for resin.

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So I was back in Nova Scotia on the weekend (visiting my folks and doing race control for motorcycle racing) but I also took the opportunity to finally drop by @Geoff Davis's studio. Had a good chat and then (of course) picked up a few interesting Infinity models he had in stock.....


I like sci-fi/cyberpunkish bikes.  And the sniper has bunny for some reason.....


Then my reaper order showed up today.


All sorts of pretty paint, a little light, a rum sticker and badge and some bonus figs.


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