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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Over on Humble bundle, I picked up the Goodman Games DCC bundle. Also since I've never have picked up the bundles I've done with them I ended up with multiples files to download. Mostly 3d stl minis & terrain but I do have a Pathfinder 1e bundle as well.


I also redeemed my codes for Fat Dragon KS releases (Deathwalker & villagers)


Picked up a Electric Radiator Heater from Wallyworld today. It'll go in the garage for Saturday game day but also when I'm out there hobbying.




Order came in the mail (Spotmodel from Spain)


VOLT Racing decal

(Gotta love the all fluorescent yellow paint scheme. The large color decals are a dark silver. )

Mustang GT carbon fiber decals


Now I just need to buy the Tamiya kit!




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LFGS let me know the packs of sleeves I was looking for were in, so took a run over tonight:


So picked up a 3rd copy of Inferno Squad, some more normal sized sleeves, and a whole bunch of the Mayday Games 41mm x 63mm sleeves.

My wife picked out Clearing Coffins for us to play on Halloween. No idea what it is like at all....

And stopped by Staples and got some new paper clips of the same size as I used to use for pinning.  500 should last....a while....


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A daisy...




plus 2 x Scooters and 1 x Balance bike for the miniature hoomans who inhabit my space

of course, on getting home I discovered that the balance bike was missing parts so I have to get it back to the store :angry:

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added photo of daisy
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Acquired: I got my cash back from the brocoli head that swiped my bank account for Amazon purchasing, today. Ended up being around 450 bucks. Just small purchases that I would probably never have seen had I not taken vacation & was wondering if I got paid for that week. Also they were bold & did a $90 dollar purchases, uh no.


Also, since no one made a female tiefling bard to my liking, I designed her on Heroforge. I did have her colored up but when I bought her as stl it went green. It's still colored, but they must have taken the screenshot ability away as I can't find it anymore. Here is the what the stl looks like:


She uses a rapier but I'm not a big fan of the design on Heroforge so I went with a slimmer sword.



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The latest in a series of vintage home casting molds I’ve been acquiring arrived yesterday.  Why buy toys when you could buy a toy factory instead? ::P: I’m not sure which game is going to need a 40mm tall semi-flat rabbit yet, but I’ll be ready when I figure it out. (I have a feeling that we’re going to be looking at a naive-styled 1910s H.G. Wells Floor Games or E. Nesbit The Magic City sort of thing, where scale is going to be a bit optional.)



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just a idle observation, but Goremaw now comes in one piece already assembled instead of disassembled like my previous two, and is bones black. seems much nicer. the bones Kraken also seems to be bones black, is is a lot nicer for sure than my original kickstarter one

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