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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Something I spotted several weeks ago at Winners (brand name discount store).


A genuine Le Creuset enameled cast iron 4.2L (4.5 quarts) round French (Dutch) oven *and* it came with the stainless steel knob instead of the plastic one.

Creuset 4.2L.jpg


I always knew I wanted one, but they are crazy expensive. $410CDN retail, $330CDN on sale. Even the knob is worth $20CDN. And this one was $185CDN (already reduced from $250CDN). ::o::winkthumbs:


I inspected it for defects, and it's fine. But I think I know why it wasn't popular.


Bluebell Purple


Creuset Blue Bell Purple.jpg

I got it anyway. :blush: Just in time for me to try my hand at homemade French Onion Soup.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Got a package in the post today.

It contained a crankshaft oil seal and an oil seal for the righthand driveshaft on my gearbox.   

Together with the new gaiter for the lefthand driveshaft I now have almost everything I need to put my car back together... 

(I'm swapping out the old flywheel and clutch. The clutch was failing, and besides the flywheel was wrong for my car. Too light and not made for the larger clutch it's supposed to have.)



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Got my Wave 1 Battletech order today. Not really all that much in it that I don't want. 28 mechs all told with only a couple duplicates. I don't think I need 3 gargoyles but I'm ok with having 2 of the same mechs. 

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Acquired today or yesterday: RPG stuff for the weekend games. Never fails get em early & I don't really need em, oh well good to have em now.


4 inch round mirror. Scenery piece for my Saturday game. I'm running Baldman Games Moonshae AL games for that. This will be a moonwell for a combat map.



Flight bases with long peg (need these for my printed giant owls)

Bones Grave Wailer (will be a gibbering mouther when it comes up)



Game Wash: Black (I wanted to try this one, thou I really wanna try their Wash line)


Prepainted minis for Monday's AL FLGS game:


Piercer x 2 (kinda of a crappy prepainted mini but it works for what its suppose to be)

Gazer x 4

Icewind Dale Human Hunter (female) (this will be the expert sidekick NPC in Frozen North AL game)

Tiefling Battlemaster (male) (this is the warrior sidekick from Frozen North)

Snowy Owlbear (my first clear base prepainted mini. I'm not sure how I feel about seeing one of these in person. Since I have so many black based minis, it'll look out of place. The base is starting to come out of the mini, so I may end up swapping it out for black round base anyways.)


Pathfinder Deep Cuts (dwarf summoner, female) (this is the healer/mage sidekick from Frozen North)

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Instead of several posts...  One giant post to...  Nah, don't want to rule them all, I just want it neat and tidy.  More or less.  Breaking them down into categories...


Airbrushing stuff: Vigiart AS186K Airbrush kit (airbrush, compressor, hose, and also an extra needle), Spray booth from Amazon, spray out cleaning pot, quick disconnect

Tools: Tamiya sandpaper packs, Mr Paint Tray 10pk, sanding sticks, AK Interactive Stir sticks, Tamiya 3mm masking for curves, Tamiya 10mm masking tape, Vallejo Diamond Files, Abteilung 502 Odorless Thinner 100mL

Weathering related: AK Interactive Weathering Pencils Deluxe Set, Ammo Oilbrushers sets (Light Fading, Rust Tones, Starship Colors, Earth Colors, Starship Markings), Streakingbrushers (Dust, Rust, Starship Grime), Ammo Light & Heavy Slimy Grime, Ammo Wet Effect, AK Interactive Light Dust Deposit

Scale models: Tamiya 1/48 JGSDF LAV, Tamiya 1/48 JGSDF Type 10

Miniatures: Infinity (Hassassin Ayyar w/dual Viral Pistols, McMurrough Mercenary Dog Warrior), Reaper (Dead Man's Chest, Toghra the Despoiler, Gnoll Reaver of Kargir, Rauthuros, King of Hell, Queen of Hell, Krokuta, Blacktongue Gnoll Archer (Bones)), Wizkids (Nolzur's Gnoll & Gnoll Flesh Gnawer, Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Gnolls, Nolzur's:GNolls)


Other: VKB Gladiator NXT Joystick (Right hand, Premium version), MonsterTech desk mounts, bearing/slider mod for Thrustmaster TCWS throttle



I probably missed a thing or two along the way for that list... >.>;;;


Pics next week as things steadily come in - well, for most of it.  Some of the items won't be in for over a month. ^_^:devil:

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As mentioned in the 3d thread, I decided what green hag to go with.


Rocket Pig:



Also picked up the 2 Artisan Guild pre-supported packs (Souless Vampire & Human Fighter Guild) at patreon discount price. Thank goodness for having it till the 10th this month.


Also picked up a few other stls



Giant Owl




Artisan Guild:

Abyssal Demon Guardian - A




I'll use this guy as is, as a Bearded Devil for my 5e games.



Demon Orc



I'll use this as is, for a Tanarukk (orc with devil blood)



Shark 1



I could have gotten the 3 pack, but I really only need just one, so for cheaper cost I got this one. He'll be "Chomp" in my Alestorm game next month. I figure I can size this guy up to Huge size. ^_^


I also picked up a couple of AL adventures on DMsGuild, along with the latest release for the Fat Dragon's latest KS.


I'm done for today.



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Got my order before the weather breaks!

  • 09108 White Primer
  • 09299 Grey Primer
  • 09214 Black Primer
  • XXXXX BCA Pink
  • 04029 Anselmo, Nosferatu Vampire
  • 77699 Tareya, Female Warrior
  • 77701 Amrielle, Female Ranger

So now I can get moving on Ma Strawhat's gift.

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Today I planned on picking up just one thing from the art store. One. Single. Bottle... 


You had but one single task fox! 



As one can see, once I got there I realized I didn't have any brushes to use with my in the mail oilbrushers, so... 


Picked up:

- 4 Oz bottle of Golden Wetting Agent, for use with the AK Interactive Weathering Pencils (one drop wetter into half an ounce of water apparently makes them flow rather nicely) 

- brushes: #2 liner, #4 flat, #6 filbert, and a 1/4" angled brush (dagger shaper apparently) 


One of the employees at the store recommended giving the Princeton Selects a try, given the intended use was aimed specifically at weathering. 

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12 hours ago, TGP said:


Not seeing the top of the rootball. You may have buried the poor thing too deep. Looks pretty though.


It's young and needs to be put in the ground firmly to be able to withstand the autumn/winter.

It'll grow, my girl's Father planted it and he has been doing this for a long time, so I'll trust his instincts.

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