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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Overwhelmed by horrific cuteness on ttcombat.com. Their preorders for the halfling horror army are too adorable not to order... Some of these will fit nicely in my Frostgrave Egyptian campaign. 


Trying to decide what I really want for Christmas. I'd like a flour mill, so I can make my own GF flours, or an airbrush or one of those 3D printers. Every time some one posts a printable Egyptian file in "Kickstarter", it's like a khopesh slice to the heart.  

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So... Teased this earlier in the randomness thread...  Let's find out what's in the boxes, eh?



- Ammo by Mig Oilbrushers Set: Rust Tones, Starship Colors, Light Fading, Earth Colors, and Starship markings

- Ammo by Mig Streakingbrushers: Dust, Rust, and Starship Grime

- Ammo by Mig Enamel Weathering stuff: Slimy Grime Light, Slimy Grime Dark, Wet Effects (with a pot of AK Interactive's Light Dust Deposits in there too)

- Airbrush spray out pot, cleaning tools, spare 0.3mm nozzle, spare filters for the spray out pot, and a quick disconnect

- 3 pack of replacement filters for the el cheapo spray booth (that's currently in the kitchen)

- Deluxe pack of AK Interactive's weathering pencils

- Infinity miniatures: Hassassin Ayyar (for my force), and McMurderWuff, I mean McMurrough (for hubby's Ariadna)

- Various tools: Paint stirring bars (someone else bought the last Tamiya set, so had to get AK instead), Tamiya Finishing abrasives packs x2 (180 through 1000 grit sandpaper), sanding sticks (100 through 400 grit), diamond file set, aaaand....

- A pack of Mr.Hobby Paint Trays, so hubby stops stealing mine! (or at least playing with them every chance he gets. He also mentioned he wanted some)



Airbrush kit, that sadly came with a 1.9m hose (6' more or less) instead of the 3m (10' more or less) hose the box claimed it was to come with!  I strongly suspect I'll be picking up an Iwata HP-CS next month, because this one feels awkward in my paw by comparison.


Not included in pics is the spray booth, since that's still sitting in the kitchen while I figure out how to re-arrange everything so it has somewhere to sit.

EDIT: Also not included was a bottle of Abteilung 502 Odorless thinner 100mL, because a tiny bit had leaked into the packaging, and I wanted it to thoroughly dry out on the outside...

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5 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:
5 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Oooo, penguin in a top hat????

With a briefcase to boot! 


That's Business Penguin (I'm not sure what role he plays in the game).


There's some real oddities in the set, I'm looking forward to painting them (and getting the rest eventually). 

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For the idea that started as "gnolls steal tanks, mischief and shenanigans happen" idea that will see things with a bit of a Borderlands vibe to it....  Two orders came in today...

- Tamiya 1/48 JGSDF LAV, as well as Type 10 tank

- WizKids Gnoll packs x3 (all three of them)

- Blacktongue and two other Bones gnolls (forgot which ones they are)

- Krokuta.  Yup, a second one, because this one's GOT A TANK! :devil:


Oh yeah, and a cameo of my spray booth too.

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Cap'n John & I were off to distant Bee Cave early today primarily to get Damnit The Cat more cat food AND set up an appointment for the Geek Squad to do a tune up on my HP Pavilion. We finished up too early to stop at Jersey Giant Pizza (the true reason for the trip); SO we hit Michael's where I picked up a bunch (50) of drybrush brushes, a pack of 3" wooden bases, & two tubes of Safari's hard plastic butterflies (the wings will be used for my Faerie Folk with maybe a more personable Butterfly or two in the mix:



We still had 45 minutes to kill, ergo, we stopped at Barnes & Noble. There I picked up Android Phones & Tablets For Dummies; re, my new sound processor has a gizmo that works with BlueTooth devices & I foolishly picked up a smart phone that I haven't a clue how to use:



There you go; another exciting day in The Express Aisle of Life.


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So, one of my friends is running a 5e game, and, pandemic precautions permitting, I will be joining sometime soon.  The Big River had the books at 50% off today, so I decided to add them to another order I was making.  I pulled the trigger at 0815, and the first book was on my porch at 1100.  As my son noted, this feels like they already had it in the truck and were just waiting for me to finally order...


This will represent a bit of a change; my preferred version is a little less up to date:





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3 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Ordered all 3 mystery paint grab bags, which gave me a 4th grab bag and a free mini.. which will vault me way up in # of paints

Same here.  And I just opened the box as you reminded me to check the mailbox.



09318 Carbon Grey (bought to push the value over $60

Hanei, Female Warrior 04010 (free mini)

Drunken Mermaid Paint Cup (bonus freebie)


Mystery Bag A

09232 Bright Skin Shadow

09265 Deep Twilight

09269 Military Blue

09282 Maggot White

09665 Clockwork Brass

09667 Rattlesnake Leather

09669 Reptilian Green

09672 Brian Rose

09685 Corporeal Shadow

Sky Shadow


Mystery Bag B

09121 Khaki Shadow

09142 Stained Ivory

09226 Peacock Green

09229 Worn Navy

09268 Volcano Brown

09271 Dirty Bone

09296 Malvernian Purple

09601 Ashen Rose

09667 Rattlesnake Leather

Winter Shadow


Mystery Bag C

09220 Olive Skin Shadow

09237 Violet Shadow

09266 Violet Light

09270 Shadow Green

09272 Graveyard Bone

09285 Denim Blue

09292 Bathalian Chitin

09297 Adonese Green

09653 Deadrose Red HD

Rogue Shadow


The 'D' Bag

09230 Soft Blue

09235 Red Shadow

09236 Black Green

09250 Dusky Skin Shadow

09252 Dusky Skin Highlight

09273 Splintered Bone

09284 Lonestar Leather

09291 IMEF Olive

09293 Alien Flesh

Spooky Purple




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