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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Thanks to codes I picked up some stls this morning:


Arch Villain

Bear Vanguard (4 poses, 2 weapon choices)

If we ever get the Icewind Dale hardback adventure going, this is will be perfect for the Goliath werebear.


(gotta love paying like 4 bucks (org 12)!!)


White Wolf Tavern

Furious Werewolf (2 varieties, open & closed hands)



I've wanted to see what WWT can produce + my next "Saturday" game will be the last to feature werewolves for awhile, so I wanted to make the encounter memorable.


Fotis Miniatures





I really like this sculpt!


Cast N Play

Prisoner Cages



Bandit Mastiffs



Also ebay order came in yesterday. I was mostly for Monday's AL game but alas that game has been cancelled. Oh well, got a couple Nolzur's at their original price



Brigands 770707 (been waiting for these since B4 went out to everyone)

War dog 77422 (I don't know how many of these I have now. I totally spaced I ordered anther one)

Heatherlark, gnome 77164

Hellakin Gorecutter, halfling 77165



Male human Rangers


Blue Slaad




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I was browsin cgtrader about an hour ago, when I remembered I stuck a file into my cart & I've left it there for months! I came across one of my favorite 3d designers (Fabio Schizzo). His files are cheaper on there then MMF, so figured eh I need for a wereboar so I stuck that file & bought both files. I really wish he hadn't went the Heroquest tribute route with his Patreon. I'm not into HQ so I left.


Fabio Schizzo





& the file that has been sitting in my cart:

Marvel's Black Cat by Kimet88


The details on the high poly is amazing! Her outfit, you can see the leather texture, mesh textures (around her waist & middle of her back). The Spidey doll has great texture as well. I can't wait to print this one!




(parts & she is big, I can barely fit the base onto my Photon S buildplate!!)


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Kingdom Death Halloween order arrived


Lantern-Guard-Male-g1_compact_cropped.jpg?v=1602863246 Lantern Guard - Male × 1
HQ Warehouse (USA) - Deathgrey Edition
Thumbnail-Halloween-Ringtail-Vixen_compact_cropped.png?v=1603920080 Halloween Ringtail Vixen × 1
HQ Warehouse (USA)
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Most recent Sunward package is now in, allowing me to continue on "Midnight Raid", whooo!



^Two oilbrusher sets to fix that void in my colour selection, as well as Light Rust, Medium Rust, and Gun Metal pigments.  Oh yeah, and the drill bits I needed to continue on the LAV....

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KS Midlam Miniatures: Hobgoblin Raiding Party Vol.2


Lot of ladies who mean business!



Hobgobo doggos!



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