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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Reaper holiday order came yesterday while I was asleep:


01659    Christmas Hugs    $9.99    
01661    Mistletoe Goblin    $7.99    
04017    Aeowyn Silverwood    $7.99    
14395    Darkspawn Goat Demon    $5.99    
77139    Altar of Evil    $2.99    
77259    Fly Demon    $2.99 x3    
04016    Vance Treadwell, Ranger    FREE    

Also this afternoon, picked up a new Baldman Games adventure on DM's Guild


CCC-BMG MOON 8-1 Blood on the Moors


BM is one of my favorite game writers on DM's Guild so it was nice to see a new trilogy from them.


Also, took advantage of Myminifactory's Before Christmas sale. Just like the BF sale I went a little overboard. Great prices, you can't go wrong!!

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Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.

I have acquired US citizenship!

Acquired:  One new place of employment, 33% pay increase, 50% stress decrease

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Got my loyalty reward from Artisan Guild.





Yah he is a big boy too! I thought about subbing him in vs the Krampus minis I have due to his wings, but I don't know right now. I need a large winged devil for that adventure.


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The IPA I'm using to clean 3D prints is getting... lumpy... 

And not only is IPA expensive, but also almost impossible to find because of Covidiots, so I stopped by the HW store on my way home and picked up a 4L can of Denaturd Alcohol. 

That can was only slightly more expensive than a 1L bottle of the 70% blend of IPA that I can find locally, and much cheaper than any 1L 99% that I can find listed online.   


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Stuff!  I have acquired stuff, lots of stuff to be honest...


Descent 2nd Ed. products are getting pretty tough to get for less than a mortgage payment, so I gathered what I could:

  • Rylan Olliven Lieutenant Pack
  • Verminous Lieutenant Pack
  • Dark Elements Expansion
  • Forgotten Souls Expansion
  • Nature's Ire
  • Labyrinth of Ruin

And from Gale Force 9:

  • Aliens Boardgame: Another Glorious Day in the Corps!
  • Aliens Boardgame: Ultimate Badasses
  • Aliens Boardgame: Get Away from Her, You B****!
  • Aliens Boardgame: Assets and Hazards


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Last week I got the mini I cashed in with one of my 3 Eldritch Foundry credits (two from backing the KS and one from winning a giveaway), a Goliath I did up as Andre The Giant.

Sadly the piece is not as big as expected so he doesn't look Andre The Giant levels of imposing next to modern minis from Reaper and Wizkids. :/



Today I got a bundle of guards from Tehnolog's Castlecraft "Fantasy World" range, 32 minis (8 of each of the 4 models), really good for wanting city military/guards/militia with good local flavors (Roman and Norse are the two blatant ones, the other two look more flexible). Sadly one of the Romans' swords broke in transit so I'll need to whip the glue out.

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Had to pick up a present for the wife at the LFGS, so also happened to acquire:

A new hobby knife (AP)
 another box of Rebel Veterans (my wife keeps kicking my butt with the first box, so she'll be happy to have more to use....)
 another box of B1 upgrades and a box of STAP riders for my upcoming droid army
And finally snagged a 2nd GAVw Tank for my Imperials.


And at Princess Auto I picked up 1 lb (that's 26 1/16 by 36 inch pieces) of TIG welding wire (ER308L if anyone is into welding....I'm not, at least at this point) because I needed 8 6 inch long pieces to assemble a Y-wing.

I may need to print of "a few" more Y-wings to use it up ::D:


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18 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

Desert of the dead Kickstarter from troll trader


Hyrda with handlers 

Fat halfling sultan on a flying carpet



Got a complete pic of that Hydra? That large body/tail piece has me intrigued!


As I ordered for the kids for Christmas, I also snagged a couple things for myself:


small fan for the Photon S (gotta get rid of that whining sound)

Filament from Solutech3d (It's apple green but I'm calling it Devastator green!!)




(stock net pic, but yah it's that bright!!!)


Also acquired some 5e tokens from CZYK (amazon). I don't recall ordering these or putting them into my cart. ha ha. I know I was looking for condition rings & I guess I was window shopping & placed these in there by mistake. I looked at my order coming today & it has some rings in it. So who knows!?!?!


(it's gonna cost me to send it back as we don't have a UPS store in town & only time I'm able to get over to the closest one is Sunday, which they are closed) 5 out of 17 lost but eh, what can you do? Which is odd in itself, as it retails for 20.00??????:blink:


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